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    Hello all Five Keys group members,

    Below are a few guidelines to using the forum to help keep conversations ordered, understandable, and useful to others. 

    Using sub forums

    The forum has sub forums for each week of the course. If you wish to discuss anything that relates specifically to a certain week then please post in one of these sub forums. This will make it easier for other members to find similar posts and will give some context to your discussion. If your question is not specifc to one of the weeks then post your topic in ‘Everything else’ sub forum.

    Starting a new topic

    If you don’t see an extisting forum topic that addresses your question then start a new discussion using the ‘Post new forum topic’ link. It is generally better to start a new topic rather then adding a  comment in an existing topic that has a discussion about something else.

    New topic title

    Be descriptive when create a new topic title. Something like ‘Week 1 question’ is a poor title which makes it difficult for people to remember what the topic is about and makes it hard for other to find is they have a similar issue.

    Topic subscriptions

    If you want to be notified of new comments to specific forum topics you can subscribe to notifications by email. This option is shown whenever you post a new topic or reply to an existing topic. To control all your notification subscription go to ‘My Account’ -> Notifications. There you can set the frequency of notification sending (immediately, daily, weekly) and unsubscribe from topic you no longer wish to follow.

    Posting replies

    When posting a reply you have two options. Both methods will show your response in the forum topic but will indent your repliy differently.

    Reply to Forum post

    Use this if your comment is a general response to the forum topic and is not targeted at any specific user. Your reply will have no indentation.

    Reply to [user]


    – Peter

    — June


    — Mary

    – John

    If your reply is in response or elaborates on another users previous comment then reply back to them directly. This will indent your response and help ‘thread’ responses so others can see the conversation branching into separate discussions. Selecting the right user is the key to good threading. In the example on the right Peter and Frank responed to the forum topic and their responses are not indented. June and Mary responded to Peter’s comment and their responses are indented once. Frank responded to June which caused his response to be indented twice.

    Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the program.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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