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    Hello ever one!
    I want to learn qigong. But I do not know how to start. Can anybody point me to that?


    Hi there- I find it a great subject (and beneficial as well as interesting), so you are fortunate to have found this site (in my personal-opinion in relation to my searchings/comparisons etc.. just my 2cents)
    In addition to info on this site (both forum, above page-articles, as well as YT.. as mentioned on the below 2 posts… the third post mentions a few ideas…. but just select a small sample practice to do regularly.. even a few minutes 5, or perhaps 10mins… daily? something that is sustainable..
    Its so tempting to “plunge in” try a bunch of stuff, get overwhelmed.. dive in to multiple explanations- get confused and give up…

    * so a little ‘practice’ that you can experience (dipping your toe in the water, repeatedly.. as I reference in the 3rd link).. thus practice like stand, or perhaps sit, or “circling hands” (can view a quick sample-free on YouTube)….. ie vs some “set” many ideas as you’ll find in places… if you can find (library? or bookstore.. the book “Opening the Energy Gates of the Body”.. -a bunch of principles
    , and don’t’ feel overwhelmed :)




    cheers again, and best wishes in your practice (and all else)… [let us know what you find/discover/find interesting.. so many different facets or “kinds” of practice in these Taoist-arts.. “water-method” vs all the ‘other’ Taoist systems, let alone the other-chigungs that are out-there.. ie not all the same kind of thing (just like “martial arts” boxing, wrestling, Karate, Capoeira, Silat, Kali.. etc.. all martial-arts, but not the ‘same kind’ so if know about one, and another, can mix them as if “one-thing’ .. likewise “chigung” or even “meditation” can seem like one thing (yet may have different ‘sections’).. just to keep them clear..)



    Hello and thanks for your interest in qigong!

    Most students new to our system start with Dragon & Tiger Medical Qigong becuase it’s only 7 movements, can be done in 20-30 minutes a day and is a great foundation for the other practices offered.

    Here’s a link to the intro book & DVD:


    We hope this is helpful!

    Warm Regards, 

    Energy Arts Team

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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