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    Hi Paul,
    Thank you for the very professional qigong lessons.
    I have some qigong concepts from books and also other regular meditation practices which cause doubts in whether I am following the qigong correctly.
    My questions are as follows,
    (1) I used to follow Pilate body work recommendation that to feel the pelvic tilting, we could imagine that we are zipping our trousers and we naturally move in our abdominal area and that will straighten our lower back. Is that also the correct qigong practice?
    (2) I am reading the ‘Opening the energy gates’ book and is trying the practices slowly. Apparently the gates or points around the joints are very important which need to be opened for proper or serious qigong practice. I notice these ‘gates’ were omitted from the 5 Keys’ dissolving qi practice. How important are they for beginners? Should I leave them out in my practice through the book which stresses their importance?
    (3) I have done meditation, focusing on the third eye, for decades, sometimes ‘spacing out’. I am 64 years old and I am trying to pick up qigong exercise because it is the most effective health exercise working on our very inner self which can also be useful for serious physical or spiritual purposes. When I stand up to do dissolving of stuck energy I can immediately feel the qi, especially the tinglings around the hand and feet. Mentally I lock into that state and feel the qi sink down continuously from head to feet. I do spot scanning when there is a feeling to do so or when I know that body part needs relaxing or nourishment. Do I still need to go to each body part to do the scanning which does not feel natural to me. Can a long-term practitioner do sinking of qi at one go?
    Dan Toh.



    To begin, the pelvic tilt in qi gong is not what you’re
    describing from Pilates bodywork. Please stick with the instructions in the

    Regarding the energy gates, attempting to release them
    requires that they can be “felt” and before arriving at this stage of
    practice, you must learn how to properly dissolve. Before dissolving, the full
    scanning of the body and the sinking of qi is required, so there is a natural
    progression.  So first you work on
    gaining correct alignments and becoming comfortable in them. Next, you learn
    how to scan down the body from the crown of the head to down below your feet in
    one continuous, uninterrupted flow. Then, you learn how to dissolve. Once
    you’ve cleared enough gunk from your system, the energy gates will reveal
    themselves and you can begin working at this level. The gates are not put in
    the Five Keys programme because dissolving them is beyond the scope of foundational

    Regarding your third point, yes, a experienced practitioner
    can sink their qi through their entire body continuously, BUT ONLY after they
    have followed the protocol of incrementally working down the body and adhering
    to the training hierarchy for some time. If you jump ahead too quickly or jump
    around the body (rather than fully scanning from top to bottom), you will
    simply generate a glass ceiling and prevent your personal development.

    Hope this helps!



    Thank you. I understand the advise to have patient and to take one step at a time to build up a foundation first. In fact, I am having a right heel ache which I believe is due to my watching qigong demonstration videos. When I do the circling hand this week I almost
    immediately get a shoulder joint ache. I must be very sensitive to qi in the body for whenever I try a posture I do feel tingling current or warm. Actually whenever I got a minor cut, burn, sore throat etc I cure it by sending qi onto it as in Silva Mind Control Method. My qi body must be old, in need of grounding and dissolving before I can do real qigong. I know I am quite unusual but you may have seen this before..



    Daniel, The shoulder ache you’re experiencing during
    Circling Hands (assuming that you’re adhering to your 70%), is almost definitely
    engaging the bound tension inside of your body. If you continue to practice
    regularly, gently and without forcing your body open, in time the tension in the
    shoulder will dissipate and the aching will go along with it.

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