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    Hi –
    So far I feel pretty comfortable with all the exercises except the sinking qi. For several years now I have had very powerful vortex-like energy around me. My chinese medicine doctor believes it is my heart energy and is not a negative thing. However whenever I try to sink my qi it catches it and whirls it around. Interestingly, this not only happens around my heart section but also my head and limbs. VERY hard to sink qi. Please advise.



    There are many reasons why your energy could be whirling, and
    I can make no attempt here to say why it’s happening for you. But, what I will
    say is, when you’re standing and sinking qi you’re trying to settle your energy
    and your mind. Therefore the whirling is not a good sign in this sense. The
    best thing to do is try to ignore it. If your mind goes to the whirling energy,
    it will almost definitely amplify it. Try to bring your mind inside your body
    and sink down through your system. Initially focus on having a sense of everything
    inside of your body constantly sinking down into the earth, similar to the way
    water descends in a waterfall. Stay with it. Ultimately, it is the mind that
    moves qi. The more you can focus on descending through your body, feeling your
    feet and feeling the pressure of your body’s weight on the soles of your feet
    and your physical connection to the earth, the more your mind will stabilise
    and the more your energy will descend. The stronger this process gets, the quieter
    the whirling should become.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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