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    Hi Bill and all,

    Little embarrassing this! I have followed carefully and regularly the Lessons etc With Energy Arts for near on three years now, without getting anywhere near experiencing some form of Chi, as almost everyone in every letter I have read has. To try and solve the problem I joined your wonderful programme (thank you very much),for D T. Sadly, although I feel I have been pretty meticulous with all lassons and practices advised,still no response. Neither in Hand exercises suggested by Master Frantzes.

    I do know there must be something I am just not getting, although I have always followed and learned all material provided. That might not be a good idea? My view is that learning the various forms, physical will better aid mr to concentrate on Chi flow?

    If anyone can give me guidance there I would greatly appreciate it. Oh! Where I am no Teachers to be found for advice,

    Thank you very much…………………………….David Castle



    Hi David,

    I didn’t answer your post for a while, because I wanted to see if others might let you know whether they have had a similar experience of not feeling chi even after years of practice. It is not uncommon.

    When I first started many years ago, it took me a while to feel chi, even with being around Bruce two or three evenings a week! Others were describing all sorts of chi experiences. All I knew when I left class was that emotionally I felt a bit better and mentally a bit clearer and calmer. That was enough to keep me going.

    Then after about a year I began to feel odd chi-type sensations here and there, and very gradually my awareness of chi grew over time.

    My point is that each of us has different sensitivity to chi, just like people have different sensitivities to emotions. Some people are always very emotional, most are “average,” and some people cannot feel their emotions at all. The same is true with feeling chi.

    Bruce used to tell a story about a martial arts classmate of his when he was studying in Taiwan. He said the guy’s chi was tremendously powerful, and that he could toss people across the room with it. But he couldn’t at all feel his own chi. After many years of practice, one day he somehow tuned into its feeling and could suddenly feel it very well.

    So perhaps you are just a less sensitive person. As long as you are enjoying the practices and gaining physical, emotional, mental, or other benefits from them, that’s all that counts. And perhaps when you are able to find a good teacher in person, or perhaps like Bruce’s friend through more time and practice, you’ll tune into your chi and feel it.

    If you’re ever in my neighborhood (Western Massachusetts), let’s get together and I’ll try to help you tune in to chi. Or if you’d like to try a Skype lesson, we could do that. I’m not generally doing those in general, but I’d be glad to try and help you. There is a lot I can do through Skype, but in person is always much better. You can email me at

    Again, as long as you’re enjoying the practices, keep doing them.  And just feel and value and enjoy whatever you do feel. Don’t worry about what you don’t feel. Do seek out in-person instruction, if you can. At some point, you’ll probably have a chi breakthrough, large or small. But if you don’t, that’s cool, because you’re enjoying other aspects of the practices.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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