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    When I came across the “Bruce’s Style” part of the “About” section, the description of his Thunder I Ching energy really helped me understand him a lot more. It also made me wonder how to determine what I Ching energy, or bagua trigram, one is.
    When I looked it up on wikipedia, it gave two separate ways that confused me as to the order of birth. Some system says first, second, third son/daughter, while another says eldest, middle, youngest son/daughter.
    With an older brother, does that make it the second son and water or the youngest son and mountain?
    Is this even the method for determining one’s I-Ching energy, or is it derived similar to the five elements and predominance, or some other method?
    Any help?




    Just two-cents (sense:) from what/how he’s mentioned this subject… these “classification” methods oft get wrapped-up with viz&syncretics.. thus the FiveElement, and 12branches, and 8 gua (or the full 64 gua) either can be combined (overlapping different concepts together, or paralleling.. or else deriving them in some way)..

    this is different from: each system being distinct (a separate, even if related, context- like how a TaiChiChuan Set, BaguaZhang, NeiGung like GodsPlaying are all “realated” but distinct, and if “blended” mush into a blur,, vs each offering its own)..
    Not only is each system distinct (like view pts of “sides” in a still-life.. =same “object”,each perspective offers its own “angle”).. but each has its own feeling.. thus a TaIChiChuan Movement should have a “feel” of TaiChi, distinct.. (the thread), even if weave between..
    and thereby, one can feel-recog the “flavor” of a thread (and sense, this is a “TaiChiChuan” feeling, vs a NeiGungset feeling…. and likewise, this “movement” has Peng-wardoff pose, vs a WeavingShuttle pose “feeling”..

    and likewise- the “feeling” is recognized, as a way to identify- this implies one can sense, let alone recog, these energy levels, (vs “indirectly” guessing/interpreting towards).. thus to be concrete- to Feel the Gua “freq” in this sense, what is one’s Base-Level (vs what is one’s “current” expression, in this place-situation.. the constant-bedrock beneath that, the proclivity of your “expression”… which can be one’s “personality” (at a deeper than that lvl)— which is not yet at the Body of Individuality (as that is below the current sit-expression, but even beyond this Body/Gender/Form.. if one was an alligator, or a Storm-vortex, or a clump of star-plasma, all would be distinct- but an essential “meness”? –that meness has a freq, that is sensed and expressed.. (that would be body of indiv- so if not that “deep” but only in this Life– if you were still the gender you are, but you changed your Name, place of living, activities, diet.. the full “Wit-Sec” :) that would be a minor change to the above “form” change, but still a constantcy?

    So even if you were you- today, last yr, ten yrs ago, next yr, and 15yrs in the future.. things could be quite changed (or largely the same) .. but what freq underlies (vs each major state of Acting- which is expressed via a “micro” Gua, the same of change-freq.. not every moment.. but a state of “how change’ (irrelevant of what you do.. not the what is done, as the “same action” can occur via ‘any/all’ of the tri or hexa-grams.. it is the change-energy…

    likewise not the ‘change-energy’ but the ‘expression-shape’ freq (which is the WuHsing) is also “recognized” .-seen, and then classified, like seeing what color something is, or hearing a tone and naming it to a note.. (in terms of by date, order of birth/seq, or situational conditions.. I would think that relates to overlapping- as this comment stated out referencing.. ie overlapping Change, to IChing, to Astrological and thus the “revised” FengShui.. Divinatory Fortune-telling systems (espec of the 3 major Chinese system- which take a career to grasp, and yet were summarized in folk-trad to a few key concepts, in a table)..
    This last is in regards to: simplified vs more complex “tables” vs the energetic awareness (which is what my prior mention was about)

    closer to have a compass/magnetometer or a potentiomotor — (or a person “looks” at a picture hung on the wall.. is it straight or crooked? one can measure it, or use a “level”.. or just look and see..
    — just a note, just as “look/see” Is it level? .. doesn’t use an instrument, so it is compared int’l-ly A, B, C is observed and held, and the body-mind compares those.. how do they match/differ?
    -so in that sense it is “subjective” but sort-of objective? (ie “Is it lvl?” or “Do these colors ‘go together’?” – is a gut-feel, but if most would agree? and if that gut-feel is a snap-calc, which could be measured.. ie M. Gladwell ‘Blink’ …)

    just a quick note- something I’ve seen for so long has such different aspects, and I always wondered how what seems to be the same thing is described so-differently.. -hope this adds, and might elicit others exper (which isn’t just opinion, I thinks, but based upon that actual objective, recognition-basis)



    When I approach it from that angle, B, it definitely feels mountain.
    Intellectualizing can be the dog chasing its tail; quite maddening. Thanks



    The tricky bit about the “Body of Individuality” is that only applies to individuals (that have have a degree of integral-nature, so that they won’t fall-apart the moment the energy fluctuates). In Taoism, in its various types, the ideal that one is made up of an accum of parts that sort-of clump and hold-together.. but to become more than a “crowd, that can disperse at any moment”— a set of programmed-responses… is very rare.
    Whether at the indiv-essence lvl… or even at the human-persona lvl.. one can only have “Change Energy” if one makes changes.

    And to change is to act, not to react. (to actually operate outside of just responding, reacting, subconscious-programmes..
    -let alone to have a consistent-core where all those reflex-conditionings meet [most of us, are just a mass of Operant-conditioning and association-kneejerk-reflexes.. without a core that connects them, besides- who/here/now].

    To follow the way of flow, requires to make the choice, and also to be able to see the ‘way of flow’ (vs other ways). -anyway- the concept of being a “Power” is being a fulcrum, how to even recognize all the dominos in the chain (Ramana Maharshi- ‘Who are you?” -the set of reactions that hear that? the language patterns that make sense of that? -those are steps of the ‘watercourse way’.. not the water, nor what relates to which way the course may flow.

    ie one’s ‘type’ of how you create and/or change things depends upon the extent to which one does (or else is there a type?)..

    8 if no where to go, might as well chase one’s tail? -“Ya gotta do something…” -as the saying goes (and the distinction between “being busy” ~Busy-ness, keeping ‘active’ .. and ‘actions’

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