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    I normally practice at night but have found myself missing too many session due to being tired. So, I started practicing in the morning. But in the morning I feel an erratic energy in my upper body and sometimes dizzy /nausea. I find it hard to focus properly, any suggestions?



    Maybe fewer reps? If you’re doing twenty, go back to ten for awhile.
    If you’re doing the footflick in movements 2 and 7, try doing it without the footflick. Go back to doing it as simple as possible until your body adapts to the energy of the morning.
    Or, divvy up the movements. Do movement 1, then take a short break, then movement two and take another short break, and so on. Try to slowly transition to the morning’s energy by kinda relearning D&T.
    But definitely give yourself a wide berth between what sets off the nausea/dizziness and upper body erratic energy.
    Is it only happening when you’re practicing or does it happen leading up to practicing D&T in the morning?
    Maybe also simply sit comfortably, or lie in bed before you get up, and visualize yourself doing the set. Either to prepare your body and transition it to practicing in the morning or as something instead of practice if the dizziness is occurring leading up to practice. Also maybe do this visualization throughout the day if you haven’t got time to practice or it is too much. Also try the visualizing of it before you go to bed. Really feel like you are practicing the movements while falling off to sleep, super relaxed.



    I knew a person who was having a similar sounding problem. When I asked my teacher about it, they reccommended being ever so gentle and soft with the movements-even moreso than usual to hopefully help with that qi that frantic qi that seemed be getting stuck in her head.
    Ive personally found sinking/dissolving to also be very helpful with stuff like this.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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