how does this practice enhance powerful healing and chi flow?

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    I have health challenges an autoimmune condition and recovery from prostate ca. I am interested in optimising benefit of the programme

    I have practiced tai chi for a few years now. we do a qi kung standing post exercise for up to 15 mins. We are encouraged to pay attention to posture, to drop the dantian a little more and more and to breathe into the dantian. When practiced well this leaves the legs feeling they have had a good work out. We are also relaxing in the hips ( which I take to be kwa folding). The sense of heaviness of movement or posture through water appears to be what gives the standing post and indeed the tai chi its potency. Otherwise its just waving the arms around in a pretty way ( anyway the saying goes there are no arms in tai chi)

    So my question is the dragon tiger appears entirely ‘gentle’ with no breathing instruction ( so far) I guess it would be into the dantian. How does it actually draw chi into the body with no powerful grounding energy…

    I know we are not pushing ourselves beyond 70% but that feeling difficult to put into words of properly doing tai chi or qi kung leaving one perhaps even sweating… where is that … at is in necessary for the healing energy… my tai chi teacher suggests it is
    best wishes



    Hi Bob,

    In Dragon & Tiger you move energy up and down and all around the body by stimulating flow in your acupuncture and other meridians located close to the surface of the body. Your hand and feet motions stimulate these flows. At the beginner level of practice – which this course teaches – you stimulate energy just by doing the movements well and feeling for these pathways, both of which naturally enhance the flows that are already occurring throughout your system.

    Once you learn all the movements at this level, then you begin to add breathing and what are called pushing and pulling practices. Eventually you learn to push and pull energy with your hands and feet into and from the earth below you, the heavens above you, the environment around you, and along the wei chi of your body.

    In the Energy Arts DVD, some of these practices are shown. Visit:

    The basic breathing practices are also described in Bruce’s first book on Dragon & Tiger: Visit:

    Energy Arts has an option to buy the two of these together as a set. Visit:

    The more advanced practices will be explored in depth in Bruce’s second book on Dragon & Tiger, which will come out soon. Vist the following for more information:

    These more advanced practices are all based on an aasumption that you know the basics of the movements really well. So this course is designed to give you that foundation.

    Good learning and practice to you,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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