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    For whatever reason I’m interested in completing my Hsing-I training and fully understanding how it generates power. I plan to write a series of posts explaining how Hsing-I’s external forms are really a short hand memory device for the initiated. I’ll be proposing that you can look at the San TI and the five fists as a fundamental progression of the core internal principles each building on the previous.

    Like Bagua, Hsing-I is brilliant in its design. It is less complex than Bagua, but arguably as genius as it is succinct.

    Unfortunately, my explanations will be flawed. It is tedious and difficult to describe movement. Pictures and video would help, but words are all I’ll have. I plan to refer to Bruce’s videos where ever and when ever possible. I’ll focus on only the demos which are online and only on Liu Hung Chieh’s large movements. Remember Liu was brilliant. He picked these forms for a reason. I suspect that Bruce’s explanation that Liu Hung Chieh choose these because they are better for the body is only part of the story. Hopefully at the end of the series, you’ll understand why these are particularly appropriate forms and how the external movement clarifies the internal.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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