I have practiced hsing-yi quan for about two months, but before i continue i need some help and advice.

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    Hi, i have a decently long summary to talk about before my question, it mentions qigong, xing yi quan, and a bit of meditation also. Here it is..

    Long story short a few years ago i did a qigong exercise(not a good one, it was one i had got off youtube and had done on my own) It consisted of clapping your hands a few times then to put your hands behind your back(extending your fingers out), then to put them near each other,followed by rotating them clockwise and counterclockwise or so(to feel like the chi ball). It felt like i had magnetic energy in between my hands, along with pins and needles and a warmth. Of course i was amazed and delightted, this was the first time i felt the chi energy in my life. Annyway, i think i mentioned this story to you in short before, lets just say after i stopped doing the chi ball, i then got sick. I felt different things(might have had to do with interaction of medications, or not having been grounded while I did the exercise,) like schocking sensation in my right eye, feeling dizzy, heightened anxiety along with other symptoms like my thoughts felt frozen. I am telling you this story because the very next day i started to feel better already, and then the next day even better, and on and on. I corresponded with a qigong teacher on the net who has been active with her own website for many years. She saved my life, because explaining why i didnt feel good helped me know what the hell was going on.

    Finally, i was feeling significantly better every day after that, it took over a month to be back to normal, but she told me that was very fast and for some people that recovery could take months, or even years. I was told the same thing, i am sensitive to the energy but also gifted because i could not only feel it alot, but it healed much faster than most people. There is one thing though that i hadent realized! This is very very important , i dont know if you know this(you might) but i have extremely high functioning aspergers (its like autism) that i discovered i had much later on, the difference between a person that has my level of aspergers(basicly identical to a normal or “neurotypical” person functioning in every way) is practicly nonexistent. To give you an example, my doctor thinks tom hanks has aspergers, yet he is seemingly completely normal. So, please do not take my autism or w/e in a any way to wonder if i am somehow influenced in an abnormal way.(you probably dont but i figure i had to write that). OK, so why do i mention that i have aspergers? well…When i had got sick from the qigong exercise(about 4 years ago) i of course, called all kinds of diferent people about my experience that i thought could help,me understand or tell me what i should do, and i found out that people who have autism or aspergers,(both) are more sensitive in general to chi, meaning they can feel it easier than other non autistic people. This could be because of how the brain might function slightly differently somehow,for such people (dont forget a low level autistic person sometimes cant even speak). I spoke to a few different qigong/kung fu teachers and a few times they mentioned to me how when they had autistic students, they were able to feel chi much easier than the others.
    I dont know if this applies to every single autistic person(but i assume it does).

    Ok, now id like to mention i have also started to practice scott merediths exercises in hsing-yi,(they basicly consist of variations of the five element fists, 3 animal forms, and other supplementary internal exercises. Now before i continue, who ever doubts that this guy knows what hes talking about,(with how he views internal in qigong,meditation,or even tai chi) and how he understands purely energetic part of internal training, i can guarantee 100% he is for real. Ive practiced his xing yi exercises for about two weeks straight,(this is following two months of ordinary xing yi form practice and Tense san ti shi before and so on) and ive felt everything he described if practiced correctly and with little to no tension.(the energy you feel and collect is even overwhelming and very real).

    Ok so i am almost at my point and question, heres an excerpt of a message i sent. QS=quiet standing(i talk about the training where you do a form, then stand quietly, form, stand quietly, and so on, its like interval training but for energy, also the ming jing is the obvious energy in xing yi quan, which he uses to explain the energetic experience you get from your elbow to your hand/knuckles,(cestus area),

    It seems no matter how much i practiced of the fists and crocodile form it was ok, i felt lots of crackling energy but it didnt bother me at all. However when i started to do REAL san ti shi(which i hadent done seriously or for 5 minutes before) standing complemented with your QS(which amped up the energy enormously) the situation changed. I noticed that san ti standing followed by QS is wayyyy more intense than beng quan.pi quan.crocodile, etc..
    So intense in fact that it seems to somehow, cover or overwhelm the ming jing or all other energy i am feeling, especially if i do san ti then crocodile, what happens is i dont feel ANY of the crackling ming jing and all , because i did san ti followed by QS So what im saying is if I do san ti shi, I cant feel the effects i was feeling before when I only did beng quan and crocodile form.(which was feeling the strong energy ming jing go to cestus area and all.) In fact i dont feel ANYthing in my cestus or w/e after i do san ti, it seems to overwrite everything else. I dont know if that makes sense, but it happened again today. The san ti also makes me feel a bit weird,(like ii am getting so much energy i am overwhelmed and dont feel that good with it.) The first time this happened, it got better the next day, and today i did san ti, and the same thing happened.

    So, my problem is that there was a second effect(i think) with the san ti shi followed by QS later when i went to bed and feel asleep.
    I dont know if its a good “effect: or not, but here it is, i woke up in middle of the night with my door closed so it was pitch black. however when i looked around i saw a bit blurry but also weird colors.(i could see these colors only when it was totally dark) i just took it for imagination or a half asleep hallucination or so. I am confident I was wrong about that
    now, since I checked the net the next day and i saw that when someones third eye is opened or so, they can have all kinds of things happen(its opened by forms of meditation) like what i saw. It was just some weird colors in the dark, like violet, purple, green and so. I fell asleep not long after though. I also read though that what i was saying could be connection of chi or something, but thats not important. My question is did doing the san ti shi stimulate my third eye so much it temporarily opened, and i think the huge amount of energy i gathered could have done this? Finally, I am back to normal now, i dont see colors in the dark or anything. I also have absolutely no desire to wake up third eye or anything else in the meditation practices.

    OK one last thing, if I practice san ti shi now, i can feel the pulsating energy a bit more than before(almost as soon as im in the pose), but during the standing QS, I then i feel tremendous energy in my hands and it feels like alot. I wrote all of this because i want to first, inform people that all this is very real, and second I would love to continue my training, however i have a feeling i am just too sensitive to chi to do qigong, or high levels of xing yi or tai chi.(especially the energetic parts)

    Can i do something about this sensitivity, or is it just normal sometimes? Maybe some kind of way i can reduce such sensitivity, to make myself able to safely practice these arts.(i have a xing yi teacher but i am doing most of the purely energetic work with help from books and dvds from scott.)
    Thanks for your time, ~
    If you have any questions let me know.


    Hello Alexandre, I hope this reply finds you well- I’m glad to hear that you did find some fdbk&recovery, and now made some progress..
    (being able to try some things out/sample, and then recover from bad-info, only works if it doesn’t mess up too much, and/or if one notices that getting-off-track is.. vs “part of the process” -I’ve known some who work for a while on something that is messing them up, and they think- I’m feeling something..

    — if you get a chance and interest, I’d recommend Bruce F’s “Opening the Energy Gates” book- not just the info, but the last section of the bk has some pointers of negative-consequences of bad-practices, when I first read it (way back:),
    some of those described I’d been exposed to previously, but I’d interpreted in a way that was different (his explanation makes clear, it doesn’t sound right- vs version of “no pain, no gain”.. and so many of our cultural assumptions: obviously to make things work you need to.. etc.

    [ so I’d recommend that bk- as I think it meshes well with S Meredith’s bks, which I’ve read/worked with as well.. these two systems can work together- vs so many that are mutually exclusive.. even if you might have to translate each a bit to see how/where they meet/overlap… both Bruce and Scott has an emphasis on feeling what is actually happening, and on flow-development, interval-layering.. building foundation-awareness.. etc. — not sure what each of them would think of that, but my twocents. ]

    (part of the process is not only seeing how legitimate practices affect different people, but much more so- most of the “popular” stuff presented is not-really functional.. is it doesn’t really do anything, many think there is no worry.. but you might have found a way to make something ‘non-functional activate your energy anyway.. or it might have crossed your wires and shorted something out.. (some systems and writers feel that a practice that screws you up- is felt strongly, and thus shows it works, espec if their nervous-systems are less sensitive. sort of like getting an electric shock, which lets you know something is happening- vs something beneficial, which may likely be subtle… so less sensitive may feel nothing at all… –plus easier to find and teach something that does little, or distorts, than to upgrade

    Anyway most of above relates to your intro remarks related to the other YT practice (also I’ve found that some practices are legit and beneficial ‘on their own’.. but if you mix both- ie not even mix-together, but do one in morning, and one in eve– for ex- they affect your system in a weird way, so good to watch for that.. but many systems can mess you up all on their own… some can just use some mechanism, like “pay attention to your palms” (and may have some movements before or after that).. and it really relies on how reactive your system is- such that it might just be you activating your-self, more than the pracitice (ie clap your hands, sparks nerves, and jolts capillary blood flow from the smack– thus the blood “flush” seems warmth? and yet this “pulls” your attn and -that- is what really triggers you.
    -above a bit of tangent as you mentioned no longer doing that, but clearly I’d contrast that to how the practices you are doing now, that seem to work, are functioning differently..
    related to this- re Santi and QS- one has to interpret a bit (in regards to assuming I get your situation).. as little info to go on, but I had a strong impression as I read your words (and followed along with my own understanding of those practices..) that having the body moving steadily, in all parts, gently and together- this gets rid of any stuck parts (which can creates weird reactions of frozen parts and affects on nerves and fluid-flow-circ)…. so compare this to the way Santi can be done..

    if Santi is felt as a stuck-frozen position, in contrast to gator… or crossing– this not only can affect breathing (and blood flow) as the solar-plexus/diaphram can be pressed-down (from arms hanging… and the overall sense of nervous system gets zingy.. (like on edge of seat, listening to jump-respond… Santi can have a tendency to evoke that- but if it is done as ready to pounce.. is very different than a more anxty ready to “jump-away”- the later creates sort of a pressure on the nervous system (fog-like), which when stand and let go, can then sort of uncrumple like paper crumpled into a ball that sort of opens itself as the paper relaxes (if that makes sense).. can feel like a shift.. but is more the nervous system tensed, then recovering… (also if compress and obstruct breathing, then when sigh- start to breathe again- espec in even stance upright, blood circ and breathing, rebalances…

    — that is like having your head underwater- holding breath.. when pull out of water and “breathe”.. one feels “energetic affects” but is more a result of the discomfort uneasy (head underwater, or press diaphram and tense-nerves).

    if one can get a similar sense of ‘ease’ and flow in the santi as in half-step stance.. and even if stationary to not have a locked-down feeling but still have a moving flow ease feeling that one can feel in the fluid-gears of a clock type motions of 5fists/3key animals… so that the QS isn’t a sense of relief and recovery letting go tension, but more a contrast for the balanced position allows one to feel the residual sense of coiling… thus what the body was doing (which wasn’t so clear) becomes more easy to notice, per QS, without there being a sense of any part of body was being distorted (if that makes sense).

    I hope above might be relevant and relate- I regret if any I wrote might seem to have disconnected with your exper- good luck.. let know if this reveals anything- cheers


    Thank you for your reply! It definitly has made me think, and after rereading it i will definitly check out the book you mentioned. The san ti advice is very interesting, I think i now understand correctly what you mentioned. I guess during san ti shi i should also try to keep myself concentrated in a ready to pounce way, and not totally relax much more than in the stance during the standing part right after or to do it as a “relief” of all tension in the standing part. I am obviously not as advanced as you are, in a way that i havent learned exactly how coiling works , and how to work on that. Maybe ive done that, ive heard the term before but never really knew what it truly meant.
    By the way what you wrote is excellent.
    Let me know if you have time, if maybe explaining that aspect id like to hear about it. (Im sure i can figure it out somehow, but it looks like you grasp that subject “coiling” or so).

    Finally what you wrote below i am very interested in understanding better.

    “if one can get a similar sense of ‘ease’ and flow in the santi as in half-step stance.. and even if stationary to not have a locked-down feeling but still have a moving flow ease feeling that one can feel in the fluid-gears of a clock type motions of 5fists/3key animals… so that the QS isn’t a sense of relief and recovery letting go tension, but more a contrast for the balanced position allows one to feel the residual sense of coiling…”


    Hello Alexandre (and whoever else might read this), I don’t know if you might see this, but how has your practice developed over-time? did you attempt to integrate the above, and perhaps discover/answer some of the question you posed in your response-comment, or did you feel you couldn’t work out what that meant?

    -I wonder if you had enough that you did continue practicing, and if so, what you discovered (if not, did you develop via other practice/explorations?)

    either way, I find that a slight focus of how an aspect/area (characteristic) might express as you work with it… and it thereby changes.. . often reveals, expresses, more (if we can be in a state that doesn’t need to have it thought out in advance, defined, but rather- inch-by-inch).
    so in general, or in specific to the “fluid-gears of a clock” type motions dynamics in ease, how did that go? did you sense how your body (might, if it did) naturally coil in such a way, vs “making” it do that?


    I’m curious if the OriginalPoster has achieved discovered any of this (or any others that are on this path also)..? -just in case Alexandre is still out there.

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