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    Hi for someone fairly new to meditation, would I be better doing the Meditation Circle training instead of Tao Te Ching? My focus is practice rather than instruction, and I want to deepen the meditation practice. I do like the instruction part of Tao Te Ching training and I found the first few meditation practices good, however, month 4 is difficult for me and I’ve found not knowing inner dissolving a bit of a blocker on the practice. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks David


    Hello David, best wishes… just to chime in, I agree the Tao Te Ching is good material (pretty advanced stuff, and gets more so.. even the first few chapters can be dipped back into many times, later- cycling)..

    The Meditation circle is a prelim (how to develop the ability to focus, and what to do.. as sit, so relates to breathing), a different (complementary) branch is the breathing material, and another branch is specifically about the let-go/dissolving (like Tao of Letting-go, etc as the descriptions- this last branch of info would cover the specifics of “what to do” related to say dissolving and such.. even though it may be touched on/introduced in the others.. but won’t be the focus there).

    Above has been written in other posts, and may be implied in the product descriptions, but hopefully that above summary might help(?) and/or add to what you might see in the descriptions on renewed-review…
    you mention your “focus is practice, rather than instruction” and that you want to “deepen your meditation practice” – cool- but what does that mean? -as the what aspects one is “practicing” mean different things… (and thus what you learn/work on developing.)

    what (specifically) do you find you are inspired-by and gain from focusing on? (what/where you attention is focused on, or how/where you attention is directed from & changing that.. specifics of breathing or posture, perhaps step-by-points of what to do first/next.. concepts about let-go might seem more philosophical if you haven’t an exper-basis, then they become concrete… so what you have experienced and have touchstones for will affect how you absorb/gain.. from a next practice-teaching

    just some thoughts- luck

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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