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    Hello Fellow EG practitioners,

    I am doing a home study course for EG and I also have the EG book. The book talks about not jumping ahead in exercises. Specifically, the exercises in each chapter.

    Does this mean I cannot start standing and dissolving chi until I have become proficient at longevity breathing (breathing is the chapter before standing)??

    However, the home study course has a different order.

    Thank you,


    My understanding is that the advice against skipping ahead is mainly:
    – when you are doing standing / dissolving, do your best to follow the order and flow top to bottom without skipping ahead.
    – dissolving is a tough practice to get. It takes regular practice. It can be built up to with scanning (active listening without much intention, down the body) and then when you are comfortable with that, sinking (intention to relax and drop energy as you scan) before the more difficulty to get, dissolving. Don’t worry to be skilful at dissolving before including cloud hands in your practice. On the other hand, get comfortable with standing before including cloud hands or the swings.
    – as regards the order of sets: standing is before cloud hands, which is before the first swing, which is before the 2nd, which is before the 3rd. They are progressive in difficulty and it doesn’t make sense to skip the order as you go.
    – The spinal stretch is usually learned after cloud hands, and practised as the last set (1 or 2, max 3 spinal stretchs) in a session.
    – It is normal when learning to have sessions:
    1) standing
    2) standing, cloud hands
    3) standing, cloud hands, spinal stretch
    and later introduce the swings one by one, after cloud hands.

    Overall, the advice against skipping ahead is: build a progressive solid (relaxed) base.
    And oh yeah, longevity breathing fits very well with everything, especially standing. Can be practised in the same session or separately but it is not a prerequisite that prevents starting.
    You will get more out of EGs when you are more relaxed in your breathing.

    Check out Dan Kleiman’s excellent youtube:

    If studying alone, I would very much recommend following Dan’s advice in that video until you can catch up with an instructor on some workshop or class.

    Good luck!


    I did not get it, as from the book, the exercicses seem fairly simple.

    But when I got the videos where all the details of alignment are explained thoroghly, I found that doing a 100% correct Cloud Hands was not that easy, and I went back to only standing and dissolving until I felt sure my deficits in alignment were at least starting to improve.

    Then I started Cloud Hands again, until I got the feeling that the alignments started to become stabilizing.

    Then I started the first Swing, again first stabilizing everything. At the moment I am trying to start the second Swing again, but with my improved skill I now see how my alignments fall apart instantaneously when speeding up. So, building up veeeery slowly.

    This ist not skipping ahead. Since the Longevity Breathing is a different practice, I do not percieve it as part of the sequence. Though its important to improve the other things.

    I practice it before going to sleep for 10 minutes or so. Sometimes, when I am finished with dissolving and still have training time left for standing, I also practice it during standing. I also practice it during everyday life when I got my mind free for it. Yesterday I practiced pushing a wheelbarrow. ;-)

    In short, just lay down one brick after the other. Maybe you can lay down two bricks simultaneously, you have two hands, but more than that is a bit too much… well… hope my experience helps you, it might be different for you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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