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    Hello Bill,

    When I finish bringing my hand around the hip and point the fingers to the ground, Im under the impression that I need to bring the fingers around the thigh and then to trace up the inside of the leg. However it seems like some people emphasize that part more than others who seem to be bringing the hand straight up the middle of the thigh and through to the kwa and upwards.
    Is it crucial to have my fingers pointing to the inside of my foot before beginning to raise my hand upwards?





    Good observation, Kevin. The book emphasized the “inside of foot” path. Also, on the down path, the book emphasized passing over the
    kwa before going to the outside of hip and down. (Not the top of the hip and out) These are general energetic paths and minor variations should not be a problem. When Master Frantzis demonstrates, he definitely uses the kwa as a “landmark” on both the up and down movement of the hand. I am certain others have the same observations and that Bill will clear it up for all. His approach is effective and most informative.
    Good practice,



    Hi Kevin and Robert,

    This is a good conversation. Please see my reply to the post on Folding the Kwa about everyone helping each other out.

    On this topic, let’s put it this way, as a beginner it’s important to clearly move your hands over and try to feel the inside of the foot and yin surfaces of your leg path on the way up – and the outside yang surfaces of the leg path on the way down – as I laid out and the book makes clear.

    Once you’ve awakened, can feel, and have cleared those channels of blocked or stagnant chi, then with a much less exaggerated movement you can move chi along those pathways easily. That’s why my teacher Bruce can do a much more subtle and less obvious movement to accomplish the same result of moving chi along the pathways.



    Hi Bill,

    Thanks alot ; that makes sense.



    Good Kevin, Bill knows the best approach.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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