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    If anyone can help me with this please:

    When Bruce teaches reverse breathing, does he suggest when inhaling tongue on the palate and exhaling tongue down? OR either you have the tongue on the palate from the start on inhale and you continue having it on exhale or you don’t put the tongue at all on palate?For EXAMPLE: when doing the small circulation, where should I have my tongue each time?

    I hope the question makes sense,if not please tell me to clarify.

    Also, could you please clarify this? What does the phrase below mean?

    *Please be careful while practicing reverse breathing not to create excess
    pressure differentials in your body*

    Thank you in advance for your help!


    Hi George,

    I’ve never heard Bruce say anything about moving your tongue around when you do reverse breathing. As far as I know you leave it in place contacting the roof of your mouth, as is common in all the stuff he teaches.

    As for the position of the tongue – I’ve been told that you want to place if pretty far back on the roof of your mouth, not just behind your teeth.

    Your abdominal space is bounded by the diaphragm at the top, under your lungs, and another diaphragm at the bottom (there’s a good video about it here – Bruce’s caution is a warning to keep the intra-abdominal pressure created by reverse breathing balanced so that you don’t cause too much pressure at the bottom, top, sides or on any particular structure. It’s very easy to ‘go muscular’ when you do reverse breathing and pull your abdominal muscles towards your spine rather than staying relaxed and engaging with the fascia more than the muscles.

    There’s some good material about this in Bruce’s Hsing-I Volume 1 DVD set.

    Best wishes


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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