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    Are the videos shown in month 7 out of sequence?

    The videos for month 7 appear to be a continuation of the posture shown in month 5.
    They are mostly a detailed version of month 5’s posture information.

    None of the videos are continuing from the posture shown in month 6.

    Except the last video in month 7, which is a new posture.
    None of the other videos shown in month 7 have anything to do with this new posture shown at the end of month 7.
    None of the videos in month 7 are discussing how to do the posture shown in the last video.

    Month six is a different posture than the videos seen in month 5 and 7.



    Bruce often teaches in circles, showing the basics of a posture or move then going into greater detail later after more practice has taken place. Month 7 was used to focus on the postures and the tantien and how to move postures without breaking the qi flow.



    Hi Salvatore & EA team

    I think in the intermediate videos, the sequence leapfrogs Month 6 Section A (first 2 videos) which seem to relate very closely to Month 7 Section A videos as the same posture or a very close variation of it with the hands high up, opposite the diaphragm.

    Then Section B second two weeks of Month 6 starting the seven variations of hands in front of Dantien, leaps to section B the second 2 weeks of section of Month 7- so the confusion is at the end of month six you expect to be continuing with the hands in front of lower Dantien as referred to at the end of Month 6, but the videos refer back to the earlier hands up posture and go into greater depth on that (great stuff…but threw me slightly as was not sure if it was the very same posture as the hands up posture in Month 6 just explained differently…or a totally new posture…It would be nice to have clarity on that if possible- but not essential)

    Realising continuity and video editing is really a difficult task over a long course, only someone following the program videos very closely will get the order oddity. I just let go of the expectation of a literal order, and got on with whatever the teaching is this month. Probably we have more expectation of an exact order when watching videos than when showing up to a live class from month to month.

    I did not reply when you posted, as I did not think month 7 had been released at the time.

    Best wishes & hope the practice goes well




    I took a look at this month and it was in order, although month 6 was out of order and has been corrected. Over longer courses Bruce will show a movement in surface detail, instructing on the gross movements and form with a few details. Later after teaching all of the movements he will go into greater detail adding variations or neigung principles to the movements already thaught with the idea one has been practicing them and is ready for more details. Bruce was using the postures shown in this clip as the easiest postures to feel the these yin and yang surfaces and twistings. Bruce answered this question with Craig that the last video was a seperate section to describe what people should be doing in all of the postures. Hope this helps.



    I’m still confused. I think the numbers are messed up. In month 7 session 05 and 06, standing position 5 is the same as standing position 4 from month 6 (hug with a 45° angle).

    In session 07 and 08 standing position 5 becomes the lower dantien posture introduced in month 6 with no number (titled Standing Positions 2, 3 and 4 (Part B) which has nothing to do with the content).

    I know poetic chinese names for postures are not a thing here, but random numbers are much worse. Please correct the names.



    Hey there Mark, I see what your talking about. Bruce introduced this posture in month 06 and continued into the first 2 intermediate videos in month 07, giving furthur details from posture changes to internal components of posture #4. Bruce has been introducing a posture then following up on more details in the following month. The titles have been changed accordingly.  

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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