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    I would like tomake a comment and qwestion on the way the piercing is doneabove the head. In the instruction video Bill says that the fingers can just approach the top of the head, pointing from the side to the top of the head, without necessary been at the exact spot, unless somebody has a larger range of movement on hid hand. What i realised personally is that when the fingers point from a distance the top of the headand then the piercing follows i feel the energy moving upwards inside the central axis of the body and up out of the top of the head and up. If the fingers just point to the top of the head from the side i don’t have the same sense. Is it the central axis of the body we are working at that point or not?
    What i also cannot still feel as far as energy sense is concerned is what happens with the pierce of the hand looking downstairs. How does the flow of the energy go there? So what i feel that i miss is feeling the movement as concrete when both hands do the pierce. What can help?
    I wonder if studying the second book of Bruce can also give more details on these topics? Does anyone know if one can study it fluently without having studied the first book?
    Thank you



    Hi Kalliope,

    The key point here is that if you point from the side of your head, you try to create an energetic connection between your fingers and the bai hui (the acupuncture point at the crown of your skull) even though your fingers are not directly above it.

    You may not be able to create quite as strong a connection as you can by pointing from directly above, but you can still create a connection. And until you develop enough range of motion in your shoulder to keep it relaxed and let your shoulder blade sink as you raise your hand above your head, it is better to point from the side.

    The hand that moves downward is tracing down the outside of your leg to the heel of your foot, through your energy body below your foot, and the piercing downward into the earth. Does that make sense?

    Bruce’s second book does give some more detailed information on the energy flows of the movements. I think that once you have completed this course and practiced all the material covered here, you could study Bruce’s Volume 2 book without reading the first one. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to read the first book, as well, because it does cover some things that are not discussed in this online course.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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