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    Hi to everyone.

    My question is: how do you build your routine during the day and other period ( like season)?
    So i try to combine lot of exercises which Bruce give to us in this circle and in other programs, and have a question, is it safe to combine tai chi, and qigong, and bagua walking ( now only at straight line). And are there some rules to follow ?

    For example is it ok to combine taichi and dragon and tiger qigong ?

    So, everyone, please share your oppinion on this subject, how you build your routine. Pure intuition, or some rules or laws?

    And what precautions should be for peoples ( like myself) with mental illnes ?

    Thank you a lot, and happy practicing!



    So, whenever I give advice, please keep in mind, that in no way I have achieved mastery nor are any of my qualifications sanctioned. I just share experience.

    First thing, I found that in Qi Gong and internal martial arts most is save to train at the same time. I found that some higher level practices are not really that compatible, but it seems that you are not doing such a thing at the moment, right? Also, maybe for me they are not compatible because I don’t understand them well enough.

    If you suffer from mental illness (I also did so at some point in my life…actually twice), grounding is of utter importance. It is the most important thing. Work on everything that directs your energy, especially your mental energy to the earth, so you don’t lose contact with reality.

    At one point I even used herbology to ground my energy and connect to the earth element – a friend of mine is really good at it (but please, anybody considering such thing, get someone who really really really knows his stuff. Really, I mean it. Really)

    If your illness also entails a lack of energy (some mental illnesses produce energy overflow, other the opposite), you need to find a way than to make the energy rise, while staying grounded.

    Another thing is to find trustworthy people to share your inner life with, because if you are unstable, they can put things back into a proper perspective again. Always get feedback, don’t get isolated with your inner world.

    And, back to the very mundane. I found that good therapist (not psychiatrist) who knows how to help you understand the subconcious will make a lot of things easier, as it helps you identify and remove the problem behind the illness. And even more mundane, it is proven fact that prolonged cardiovascular excersise will have stabilising effects. Go jogging, cycling or if you are fit, swimming for long distance.

    Back to programming – I find doing less but better helps. Don’t do to many excersises. Stick to the basics until you got them nailed down. And than revisit them. Work on one or two exercises until they are natural. Then add something more. Take your time. No need to rush. Over time you will find what you need to train at the moment.

    And again, I just share my experience. It does not have to apply to you in the same way.

    I wish you best of luck and lots of success with your training.





    Hello Markus. Thank you very much and wish you to have a good day and good practice.

    Its eventually happened that i practice almost at the same time of the day. Personally i found its calming down, and more than that, its like in bagua walking, there are some time feeling of really smootheness in time, when you almost cannot different one day from another) I mean it in qite normal way, not some “weird”)

    Also i have to noticed that it challenging for me to ground, personally i feel it like instability in the kwa region. But in time when i do standing QiGong, i found that it slowly changing to better.

    Thank you for your other advices, i really felt warmness and kindness of your. It’s a great deal for me.

    So thank you , and let we all have a good practice, and a nice life.



    That is a great achievement to train always at the same time.
    It is a mark of great discipline. Congratulations.

    I did so for some time, and it really improved my training. At the moment I can not really do that because my job and other duties I have at the moment.

    Therefore I organise my training after priorities, so I can fit my workout into the available timeslots. The downside is some lack of continuity, the upside is that in this way I keep my attention up and I often train serveral times a day.

    The routine I adhere to is Dragon and Tiger after getting up. I am somewhat of Zombie after the alarm rings, so there are two options: Qi Gong or lots of coffee. ;-)

    My next priority are standing postures. I also practice them daily, but I have to adapt to timeslots, so I stand from something from 5 minutes to an hour.

    Third priority are my movement skills. Practicing forms, techniques etc. This often suffers a bit due to lack of time and space. I would also do actual application and sparring, but at the moment I have no fixed training partners. I hope this will change again soon.

    My last priorty is what was once a passion, but loses its attractiveness the deeper my knowledge of Qi Gong gets: Strength training and running. Actually, with my timeframe at the moment I wouldn’t practice that at all, but I have to train it for the job. They test this on a regular basis.

    I also practice dissolving; I usually practice it during my standing postures or before going to sleep.

    Yeah, this is a busy schedule, but I have always been very passionate about the things I do. Some people think I train to much – I don’t know. I think everyone is different. ;-)



    Hello! Thank you for your answer.

    For me the first priority is Zhan Zhuang ( standing QiGong), but for now i do it in the end. Second priority is developing Bagua walking, i do it in first half of the day. Third priority is Tai Chi, i also do it in the first half. And in between i do QiGong movement complex.

    Have a good practice.

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