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    I also am also in OK…Oklahoma City and have followed Bruce for years.

    Where are you located?

    Jim Zeras



    Hi. My name is Bob.
    I live is Idaho, USA.
    I’ve taken just about every course Bruce has.
    My favorite materials are the audio CDs in the Bagua Mastery Course.
    I walk along the River with headphones on and go with the flow of the water, do bagua stepping and the Yang Style Long Form.
    Although I can’t hear the water move through the rapids, neither can I hear the freeway noise on Interstate 90.



    I am in NW OKC, just above the lake. possibly we could hook up and practice some together. I PM’d you with my phone number.
    Ron Loving



    Jim, I’m in NW OKC, up above the lake. Shoot me a PM so we ca hook up and get a coffee and yak about possibly training together.



    Hello all; my name is Eigen.
    I live in Portland, Maine (US). I studied the Wu style with one of Bruce’s instructors some ten years ago. I learned the Yang style short form from another teacher here in Portland who recently retired.

    Fortunately an instructor who has studied with Bruce recently moved here, so I am returning to learn the Wu style again. I have read many of Bruce’s books over the years and have some of his recordings.



    Greetings, My name is Peter, I live in Melbourne Australia. I am a massage, shiatsu and cranio sacral practitioner. I came across Energy Arts at the beginning of the year, and have done the Dragon Tiger and Energy gates online courses. The teaching is excellent and I have noticed many improvements in my general health and in my work . I look forward to learning more of what Bruce has to teach



    Hi, my name is Chuck and I live in Shell Lake, WI. I have been involved in Tai Chi practice since I took the first Tai Chi training ever offered in Madison, WI in 1974. I met my wife in the second class I took under the direction of Tricia Yu. We studied further under Waysun Liao for a short time.
    I had problems associated with Rocky Mountain Spotted Tick Fever which I contracted when I was 20 in 1971 and as such the Tai Chi would aggravate that so every so often I would quit for some time. But, I kept returning to it.
    I met Bruce in J. Michael Moore’s Kenpo Karate Dojo in about 1978 or 79 in Santa Fe, NM. I was taking a class in Acupressure, Acupuncture from J. Michael Moore and one night I met Bruce in the back hallway of the Dojo. I had already made up my mind as to Internal Soft Arts vs. Karate and thought Bruce was only another Karate practitioner. He did say he had been in China, but, at the time almost everybody in Santa Fe had been somewhere, I, myself, had lived in Mexico for 8 months or so, and I had already travelled to Afghanistan and spent time there. But, if Bruce had said he was into Tai Chi most likely the conversation would have taken a much different turn and I would most likely have been one of his earliest students.
    In 2000 I took my eldest son to California to go to college and on my way back I stopped in Paonia, CO to visit a friend. He was living with a friend of his and that fellow was practicing Standing Qigong. We discussed what he was doing and he turned me onto the book, Opening The Energy Gates of Your Body. When I looked at it I said that I had met this man(the author). After I returned home I got a copy. I also read his Water Method of Taoist Meditation books.
    I have tried to follow those books but it wasn’t until I purchased Bruce’s DVD set Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body recently that I really began to understand what was in the book, which I have read at least 4 times.
    A few years ago I went to visit my son in CA and was injured hiking. As a result I took a Qigong class and Yang Style class from a fellow that is not certified to teach anything, but, it was worth it. It was worth the corrections on the Tai Chi and the 13 Grand Preserves Qigong has really helped with my health problems. Now I do both daily.
    I look forward to this Training Circle as it will really lay the foundations of what I have been trying to establish with my Tai Chi practice for the last 40 years or so. Long road, but, now I am quite sure I am on the right track.
    My wife is joining me in this endeavor as she has been involved for a long time as well.



    I’m Cody, got the meditation-bug about 7-8 years ago. Was lucky enough to stumble across Bruce’s stuff a little over a year ago, when I searched “taoism” under youtube one night and lo! and behold Bruce on Conscious TV and Journey into Taoism.
    Was blown away! Got several of his books, in the wake.
    And though I’ve also done about 6 months of the Taoist mediation circle and 2 months of the Tao Te Ching, I still haven’t been able to break through this horribly nagging “glass-ceiling” or inner-static. Feel like I stirred up what Bruce calls in the emotional body my internal demons/ghosts, cause they won’t gimme a break!
    This part of the energy arts training circle has been extremely helpful, as the energetics of the qigong and tai chi have been helping things along.
    Still feel bedeviled by my internal landscape, but I have faith with walking this path (but I’m still only human and it’s been a bit of a runaround more than I can take; makes me feel like giving up might make things easier, get at it in a different way or reverse psychology).
    That said, living in the Los Angeles, California area.
    Really looking forward to seeing how the tai chi, qigong, and meditation unfold! something about all this feels very exciting.



    HI Catherine,
    Great idea!
    My name is David and I live in Hampshire UK with a lot if time spent in Spain ! (Province of Cadiz).
    Great to read all the introductions….myself I have been interested in Tai Chi /Qigong and meditation for many years. Mostly from books and DVD’s. Regularly practice Yang style Tai Chi Forms including Sword & Fan (Interesting).
    Eventually, around eighteen months ago searching the web, I came upon Bruse’s Energy Arts Circle I thought “that’s for me”. I find all very interesting (wish I had known about it years ago!) and feel privileged to be a member. Now into first month of Classic programme, hoping that somewhere along the line I might eventually find this feeling of CHI which I hear so much about but cannot feel? One big advantage I guess having qualified teachers available and at hand
    Wish every one well in the exciting journey of Classic Yang programme.



    Hi I’m Bruce Hutchinson out of Philipsburg PA (State College-Penn State University Area).
    I started my formal Tai Chi / Bagua / Hsing-i/ qigong studies in the early 90’s through a lineage that left China before the Cultural Revolution and was brought to the United States during the seventies.
    Bruce’s works were part of the material we were encouraged to include in our libraries, and I have many of his published books and the Hsing-i video series.
    Much of what I am seeking reinvest my own practice things that I may be missing and awareness for things that Bruce stresses as not commonly known or taught.



    Greetings from Greece,

    My name’s Panos and I’m 40 years old.
    I started my martial arts training at a very young age and I studied several systems, all external.
    But nothing really fulfilled me until I saw a video of Master Frantzis. From that moment it has become my dream
    to study his Arts. This is what keeps me going.

    Unfortunately I don’t have the means to do that. To be honest I probably can’t continue this program but I just had to try.
    I figured I should do anything in my power to at least register for the first month and later see what happens.
    But I guess I’m very unlucky because since yesterday that I registered a lot of bad things are happening in my country and things get worse.
    So most likely this is a hello and goodbye message. I really wanted to get to know all of you and be a part of this wonderful family.
    I just wanted to wish all of you my very best, may the Taoist Arts serve you well and improve all aspects of your life.

    Much Love,



    Hi Panos,

    there are few Energy Arts instructors in Greece. It might be possible to for you to work with one of them…

    Their details are here –




    Hello Trevor,

    thank you very much for your message!
    I talked to Dimitris some time ago.Unfortunately the situation here gets worse every day and I can’t find a solution on this because honestly I have zero financial capabilities. But thank you very much for your suggestions, it means a lot.

    All my best,



    Hello All, I’m Mark, i’ve been practicing Chinese and Japanese arts since 1991 and i’ve eventually decided to take the leap and train with Energy Arts. I’m based in Staffordshire, UK. I currently practice Chen and Yang styles and look forward to enhancing my life long learning in Tai Chi and Qigong. :) I hope you are all enjoying the summer.



    Hello everyone, so good to be part of this online program and community..
    I am Danish and have lived in the US for many years. I have been involved with tai chi, qigong and shiatsu for over 30 years. Have been a student of Mantac Chia since the late 80`ties. A Healing Tao instructor and I teach a short form Tai Chi Chi Kung and Chi Kung meditation. This is my first time studying with Bruce, I got several of his books. I am excited to have this opportunity to study.
    I just moved to upstate NY a few months ago and totally new to this area.

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