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    Hej Karsten,

    Where in Denmark do you live? I live in the states for many years and often come to Danmark!!!



    Good morning,

    New to the Training Circle. Love what is being done here. I have enjoyed this very much thus far.

    Many Thanks,




    Hi Jim – I am down in Apple Valley, MN.

    I thought I would just mention that there is an instructor in town (over in Minneapolis) that does private instruction, listed on the website too. Mary Christiansen, lovely person and obviously has been practicing for a long time.




    Yes, Catherine, this is a great training. Even though I have studied T’ai Chi for 29 years Bruce has given me many deeper elements to incorporate. I live in Connecticut.



    Hi all, I am Alan and I live in the UK. I haven’t done any Energy Arts courses before and neither have I really done any Tai Chi or Qigong seriously before. So I am looking forward to this course as it looks to me to be an ideal place to start. Looking forward to getting to know you all.



    Hi all, glad to join you on this course!

    I actually live in Beijing, but because I travel very frequently for my job, it’s not been possible to find a teacher for qigong.

    Background: I studied taijigong initially with the Nam Wah Pai Association in Singapore, over 10 years ago. I was only with them for 6 months, but I had immediate, tangible results. Their techniques helped me to get amazing breakthroughs on a vipassana meditation retreat in Thailand as well, so I learned the connection between, and power of, taijiquan, qigong, and meditation very quickly. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get back to Nam Wah Pai, so I never learned what their techniques were called and gradually forgot how to do them.

    A couple of years later, I studied Cheng-style baguazhang with Ge Chun Yan, and subsequently was privileged to have some classes with her teacher, Sun Zhijun, who recently passed away. I also trained with some other teachers for a while, including a leading student of Liu Jingru. I also trained in taijiquan for a few months with a student of Cheng Man Ching.

    However, back in 2009, I watched a video of myself performing bagua and taiji, and realised that my fundamentals were all wrong; I’d tried to do too much too quickly, without mastering the basics. I stopped training for some time, before, on a friend’s recommendation, trying yiquan, with Yao Chengrong. I loved yiquan, and studied with Master Yao intermittently over a couple of years.

    During this time, I bought Bruce’s DVDs on XIngyi and Yiquan. At that time, I didn’t find the Yiquan material useful: it was too much qigong, when what I wanted was material on the martial applications. As far I can tell, Master Yao doesn’t teach any qigong applications in his version of yiquan.

    Fast-forward a couple of years, and I was back in Beijing, but unable to study with Master Yao because of my work commitments. Also, getting older had renewed my interest in qigong. After doing some research, it seemed that the techniques I’d studied at Nam Wah Pai were very similar to those taught by Mantak Chia so, last year, I attended a seminar with him in Thailand – and indeed, it’s the same material.

    While self-studying his techniques, I decided to revisit Bruce’s Yiquan DVDs, and was now able to appreciate how much valuable material they contained, which supplemented Master Chia’s methods very, very well.

    At the same time, I’ve been continuing some of the standing practices I learned from Master Yao. I’ve unexpectedly had some breakthroughs, but also some problems.

    So, when I saw this standing qigong course become available, I knew I needed to join up! I’m looking forward to working on the material, and no doubt benefitting from your experiences here, as well!



    Hi, I’m Perttu and I’m from Finland.

    Mostly iv been doing Yi Quan, taichi, shiatsu and different forms of meditation for about 20 years.

    I just started doing some Shi Bashi Qi gong after a long break when my baby was born and suddenly energies hit me like a tidal wave and suddenly found my self subscribing to this course.

    And it did not stop, looks I got few years to catch in fast forward.

    Best to everybody on the course. It feels like great to join up after few exercises.




    Greetings everyone!
    my name is Bill, I have had Bruce’s books on my bookshelf for some years now, but a hectic work schedule has always kept me from travelling to study with any of his students here in Kent, UK.

    I was hoping that I could commit to a daily Standing Qi cultivation practice, and use that as a basis for cultivating the inner wisdom that would allow me to eventually study Bagua. I saw a video of Bruce demonstrating a Bagua set on youtube that absolutely gripped my imagination – despite his size, he moved with balletic grace and with obvious power – I guess that kindled a new life ambition for me to try to approach that kind of movement quality!

    I have studied full-contact Karate as well as Yang style Tai Chi, but would regard myself as a real beginner in this inner school of martial art, and look forward to learning through doing.

    so far, the video guidance has been good, and I realize that it is only by following through on my commitment to daily practice that I will be able to make the best of this opportunity.

    best wishes to you all!




    Hello, My name is Martha and I live in Nanoose Bay on Vancouver Island in Canada. I’ve been involved in martial arts on and off for about 25 years. I started with karate then shifted over to Shaolin and from there to the internal arts. I have spent a lot of time on the taiji of Yang Cheng Fu and standing qigong, and dabbled in hsing i and bagua. My practice fell apart, however, as I became overwhelmed with family responsibilities. Having helped the previous generation of my family exit the planet, I am now picking up my practice again but with an emphasis on qigong and meditation. I have done Energy Art’s Dragon and Tiger Qigong course and the Taoist Meditation Circle. Both were excellent and gave me a good basis for participating in this edition of the EA Training Circle. From what I’ve done so far, I know it is going to help me expand my practice in a very practical way.



    Hello Everyone… I am in the Boise, ID area and am really glad to see this offered again. I’ve been working on the Hsing-i I and I Chuan material for several years and just started the Bagua program. Lots to do and enjoying it all.

    Standing of some sort and circle walking have been my mainstay for many years. These programs share so much new to me information it’s like I am starting a new.

    If you are in the Boise area I would be glad to meet.




    Hello everyone, I am Bryan. I live in the southeastern part of Tennessee, USA. I have been a martial artist for 13 years, having practiced Shotokan Karate, Wing Chun, Xingyiquan, Taekwondo, and Hapkido. I am new to this course and am excited learning more about this subject.



    Hello, everyone :-) I am Vera, living in Toronto. My Taijiquan practice started in 1999 when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia , but it was not until I started qigong that I started to feel pain healing . Taijiquan did many good things for me, my teacher was a follower of Bruce , I guess from books. The sinking of Qi, the alignment, the attempt to stand hugging the tree, these were common practices in class but I had so much pain that they were torture for me. Today after 6 years of intense qigong practice I am free of pain and medication and returning to the standing practice is still a bit hard as my body still remembers the pain.
    But surprisingly I do better than I expected, as I am very interested in this course. Bruce is fantastic, and I am glad to share this practice with you all. Good Qi to everyone!



    Hello everyone, I am Lili Just Simons. I am Danish and are living in upstate NY. I have been part of this training circle for almost 2 years. I love it and are learning a lot. I am a Healing Tao instructor in tai chi and qigong. Have sturdied with Master Mantac Chia since the late 80`ties.



    Hello fellow EA subscribers. Not sure if this will show up as a reply to post or be a new post (computers are not my strong point). I’ve been on the circuit since late ’06. I practice Dragon and Tiger, Wu long and short form and energy gates, mainly. I also teach the short form locally (Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK) to a lovely bunch of willing students.

    The qigong standing program has given me new focus and enthusiasm, I’m really enjoying the journey of exploring what’s going on with it all, which includes some gritty searching through resistance, dealing with the disparity between where I am and where I’d like to be, not really knowing if I’m getting it right or wrong but practising loads with an open mind and discovering. I’m finding it very useful to take everything back to the “prime numbers”, I already feel more stable in body and mind and have really noticed a new stability in my feet and legs.

    Many anxieties have been surfacing here and there about all sorts of things, but then I remember what qigong and a camping holiday have in common – they’re both relaxing in-tent. Who knows, one day I may even understand what dissolving is and whether I should be doing inner/outer or shake it all abouter.

    Feeling very grateful to have access to what I think is among the most useful knowledge on the face of the Earth.




    dear panos
    my name is andrew and i live in montreal, canada.

    im wondering if you would accept an offer for me to pay for standing chi kung for you. i am new to this but its already been a great help to me.

    please do write back and let me know if youre interested.

    we can introduce ourselves further.

    i know one person in all of greece – he name is jannis, he lives in athens and is a musician and builds effects for guitars.

    andrew whiteman

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