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    My name is Craig and I live near Sheffield in UK. Like many on here I have done a little of this and that – various T’ai Chi forms and bits of Qi Gong or Chi Gung.

    Looking for a short set to get into some of the energy work and start learning more about moving Chi.

    I hope to take some of these learnings into other practices down the line.




    Hello, Fellow Travelers. My name is Dana McEacharn and I live in Machias, Maine. This is the second time I have subscribed to the Dragon / Tiger online course. I decided initially this time to do so to acquire any extras from Bill and Bruce that I didn’t have in my possession as mp4 files. But, now, as the course enters its second half, I have realized I have to make a realistic decision about what I am able to learn. At 69 and working in a demanding business, it is more apparent this time around that acquiring depth in a primary practice is going to yield more advantage than learning multiple practices. I suppose I’ve picked up on this by reviewing Bruce’s two D/T texts and the material in this new D/T Course. What I found in that review is that what I had previously comprehended was only at a depth that I didn’t have to stretch for. I’ve spent the last 9 years becoming aware of the conscious effort required to get a glimpse of my own distractedness. I Chuan standing and D/T have been very helpful. All things further.



    Hi, I’m Jennifer Gardiner, live in the mountains of NC, looking at White Top, Va. I have been working on bagua and then yang style tai chi with energy arts for about 5 years. And a few other chi gong practices, too. I still find new experiences with each of the practices….weekly. Maybe I’m like a fish in a bowl that sees it fresh each time around.
    Seemed too much to add D and T to that, but I am 66 years old now and want to add more and more time for these practices, not less, so that’s what happened!
    I learn much from the input of the forums, thank you.



    Hello. I’m Alan from North Yorkshire in the UK.

    Enjoying the Dragon & Tiger course very much and managing to spend 10-30 mins each day practising. I’m also doing the same on the Taoist Meditation Circle!

    Nice to meet everybody!


Viewing 4 posts - 91 through 94 (of 94 total)

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