Spiraling Energy Body Qigong

This advanced neigong (nei gung) practice teaches you to dramatically raise your energy levels and master how chi moves in circles and spirals throughout your body. It helps you increase the speed with which chi circulating in your body; it is necessary for psychic practices; it can be used to channel an overactive mind into stable pathways.

Spiraling Energy Body is emotionally and energetically challenging and should be learned only after you have developed a good foundation in the physical and energetic practices of Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body and have a stable grasp of both the standing/dissolving and the moving techniques.

Mastering Chi Flow

Neigong aspects of Spiraling Energy Body Qigong program shift your attention to:

  • Directing the upward flow of energy
  • Projecting chi along the body's spiraling pathways
  • Neutralizing and transforming negative energy (both your own and that imposed by the environment)
  • Delivering or projecting energy at will to or from any part of the body
  • Activating the body's left, right and central channels and then the micro-cosmic orbit.

Customized Standing Postures

You will be given a customized standing posture based on the specific energetics of your body at the chi development level you manifest. This posture may help you overcome an illness that you have or potentially might have, or develop your energetic potential and hidden capacities as an individual.

Because of its advanced nature, you should learn only from a Certified Energy Arts Instructor or Bruce himself.

Free Updates & Reports

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Because Dragon and Tiger Qigong is a simple and effective qigong practice, it is taught to students at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine. Tracing the meridian lines helps our students to become more sensitive to both their own and their patients' chi and enables them to become better acupuncturists.

John Hicks