A New Training Model to Deepen Your Experience

This summer represents an inspiring shift within the Energy Arts community that will create opportunities to study more deeply than ever before! Events will now be more intentionally grouped from year to year, allowing you to receive the preparatory and reinforcement training necessary to grow your skill set and take your practice to the next level.

Master Frantzis spent over 15 years in Asia filled with countless hours of relentless study and training in order to become a traditional lineage master. The level of commitment required is difficult to truly comprehend for most Westerners. These teachings represent an ocean of knowledge, and Master Frantzis has stated that he has to-date only been able to teach about 25 percent of what he has absorbed during his lifetime of study.

To fully open the totality of the Taoist Water Tradition teachings, two things were required:

  1. An established, permanent training location.
  2. Groups of students embodying skills at a high enough level that that they could productively learn and integrate advanced material.

With the establishment of his Training Center in Longmont, Colorado, Master Frantzis is fully committed to transmitting the depth of the Taoist Water Tradition to the current generation of practitioners. The Training Center will create exciting new opportunities to study the internal arts at a depth unprecedented in our modern times.

This will allow students to experience rapid and dramatic progress in their training while gaining maximum benefit from their practice. However, to fully integrate and manifest internal skills requires time, hard work, and regular input from a skilled teacher. This upcoming year will mark a shift within Energy Arts from an “Event Model” to a “Training Model.”

Access to the Training You Need

Frequent retreat events will still be held as always, but they will be more focused on building upon the skills learned year over year to give you the best opportunity to deepen your practice and gain the benefit of that practice at all levels of your being. Repetition of instruction will be a key that allows you to go progressively further in your studies over time, and internalize the teachings to the point that they become a part of you.

Creating the foundation to realistically tackle more advanced material requires a commitment to not only learning new skills, but also training those skills diligently until they are integrated as a genuine part of you, in your bones. The Training Center will be committed to fostering the space to do both; students will learn deeper material and be a part of a community of fellow practitioners supporting each other’s training.

Master Frantzis’ teaching time is limited, and in order to be able to transmit progressively more advanced material, students will now be asked to meet prerequisites to attend many of his classes. A certain level of skill and embodiment of foundational principles will be required to be sure you receive the appropriate level of training and support from the wider instructor base.

For this reason, over the next several years, the Energy Arts curriculum will focus on diving deeper into core subjects. This will allow you to gain maximum benefit from your practice and embody the required level of skill to be a part of more advanced teachings.

Training Progression Launchpad: 2020-2022

Over the next three years (2020-2022), the planned focus is on three core subjects that will accelerate the learning progression of both beginning and advanced students alike: Wu Style Tai Chi, Heaven and Earth Qigong, and Taoist Meditation.

These teachings are cornerstones of the Energy Arts System. They create a foundational skill base that will act as a launchpad for future trainings.

Master Frantzis’ desire is to drill deeper into Heaven and Earth, Wu Style Tai Chi and Taoist Meditation than ever before. The progressive training opportunities have been built into the schedule to allow you the practice time and reinforcement trainings necessary to embody the material. This is what will make it possible for him to open up the deeper inner teachings in a way that has not been possible in the past.

Participation in intermediate and advanced sessions with Master Frantzis will begin to become more exclusive to students who have diligently developed the prerequisite skills to absorb the material. Remember, Master Frantzis’ primary intent is to find and train disciples to carry the lineage forward and teach future generations.

Heaven and Earth Qigong: In 2021 and 2022 retreat follow-ups are planned for the Heaven and Earth Qigong retreat to be taught by the Senior Instructors in 2020. Each year’s training will build upon the previous year’s curriculum, culminating in a Heaven and Earth Qigong intensive training that includes opportunities for instructor certification.

Wu Style Tai Chi:  Beyond this year’s training, centered on The Golden Thread, another extended training is planned for 2021. Expected content will expand on this year’s material in the Wu Medium Form, and move toward opening up the Wu Long Form. The depth of the neigong in each will be the central focus.

The plan is to offer Medium Form Instructor Certification opportunities for currently certified Short Form Instructors who attend the summer courses in both 2020 and 2021.

Taoist Meditation: Taoist Meditation is at the core of Taoist studies and, for this reason, will be the focus of Master Frantzis’ teachings from here forward. In 2021 and 2022, meditation retreats are planned to weave in other themes central to the Taoist Water Tradition.

Mast Frantzis encourages all dedicated meditation students to attend each summer to contribute to and grow the group energy, as well as to allow a core group to emerge to train progressively deeper practices together.

A key tenet of Taoist Water Tradition teachings is encouraging people to learn to spontaneously act in accord with the “flows of life,” which can arise at any moment in time. Consistent with this teaching, in future summers Master Frantzis will determine spontaneously at the beginning of the week what subjects he will teach, based on what will most benefit the students attending.

Whether you’re just getting started on your Energy Arts journey, or have been learning with us for decades, the coming years are incredibly bright for taking your practice to new heights.

We’re looking forward to training with you soon!

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

—Lao Tzu

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