Daodejing the Oral Tradition

Commentary by Bruce Frantzis

New Translation By Alan Peatfield 

Paperback Edition now available!  

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Inside this book you will find some things which have never been revealed before in Western writings about Daoism, as the teachings would only be passed on from teacher to student, personally – spoken, not written, and often in secret. When Liu Hung Chieh taught Bruce, he said, “These are the words.” Liu then said the words in Chinese with vibrations, transmissions, behind them that penetrated Bruce to his core. He continued, “This is what they mean.” With all Daoist or ancient texts, trying to understand the meaning from the words alone is exceptionally difficult. Finally, Liu explained, demonstrated, and transmitted: “This is how to do what is proposed.” This is the basis for qi arts, such as Taijiquan, qigong, and yoga and Dissolving meditation practices — all of which serve to train a student in how to genuinely and unambiguously embody what is proposed in the Daodejing in body, mind, and spirit.

This is a brilliant book, a real treasure for anybody interested in Eastern spirituality and Daoism. The language of interpretations is clear, without ambiguity, and well related to the present world and our places in it. I bought a Kindle version of the book first. Still enjoying reading it in small portions almost every day. I have recently bought a paperback as well. It is good to keep the real book in your hands. I am regularly using it for guidance in times of worries and anxiety. Just randomly opening the book and reading whatever comes first by chance. I find it very helpful and calming.” Alla R

I ordered the kindle version of this book and I had never read such exact and, for me, elucidating words describing the meaning within the Dao de Jing. Multiply that revelation many times now that I have begun the actual book. I could not successfully use the kindle to “underline.” Now I am starting at the beginning and marking…where I can find those parts that I want to re-visit easily for study and understanding. This will be an ongoing and transforming study.” Jennifer G

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