Daoist Breathing Retreat: Breath to Qi – Recordings Only


with Master Bruce Frantzis

Daoist Longevity Breathing differs from most breathing methods as it requires slow, smooth, continuous and circular breathing that engages all parts of the lungs–without raising the chest. From the physical perspective, there are six stages or parts that allow a practitioner to systematically contact, engage and open up the lungs. This process naturally massages the internal organs, and increases blood flow and the volume of air that can be inhaled with each breath. This increased breathing capacity can dramatically raise the quantity of oxygen in the blood, which improves both function and performance of body and mind.

What You Will Learn

The first phase of this retreat focuses on building the six-part breathing sequence to:

  • Maximize potential health benefits
  • Clear and release the nerves
  • Develop a deep sense of letting go or profound relaxation.

During this instruction, Bruce will lay the foundation, through instruction and transmissions, to help you move into the “Breath to Qi” phase of the course. It is essential that all students participate in this tuning in and activation phase in order to allow time to absorb the transmissions and have a chance at crossing over from breathing to moving qi.

Breathing to Contact, Feel, Manipulate and Directly Experience Qi

This “breath to qi” phase can have a profound and positive effect on health, dramatically increases awareness and gives the ability to advance all other qi practices for anyone who achieves this level of practice. As these teachings are transmission-based, they have traditionally been held back only for inner-door students and disciples. However, Master Frantzis will openly share this rare and profound practice with all who wish to participate.

What you will learn:

  • The six-part breathing sequence.
  • Methods for yielding various health benefits.
  • How to use breathing to contact and move qi in your body.
  • The beginning phase of “breath to qi.”

(45 hours training minimum)


Here’s a Summary of What You’ll Receive:

  1. Quick Start Preparation Material with Master Frantzis
  2. Recording of a 2 Week Intensive Training with Master Frantzis ~ 45+ hours
  3. Access to a Private Facebook Training Forum
  4. Account Access to Download and Immediatly Watch Class Recordings

Course Fees

Regular Price: $1,232 or 3 Payments of $410

Thank you for attending the Daoist Breathing in Meditation Workshop! AFTER $300 APPRECIATION CREDIT:

$932 or 3 monthly Payments of $311


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