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Spiraling Energy Body Qigong

October 27, 2019 - October 30, 2019

During this course Bruce will teach the core practices of Spiraling Energy Body Qigong.  Bruce’s entire qigong system is based on the 5 elements of Classic Taoist neigong. Spiraling Energy Body Qigong is the core upon which all of its Fire Element practices are based. It teaches how to dramatically raise your energy level and master the movement of qi in circles and spirals throughout your body. It builds on the same physical movements and Outer Dissolving of Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body Qigong.

All students will be given a customized standing posture based on the specific energetics of their body at the qi development level they manifest. These postures can be useful to help overcome specific illnesses and/or to further develop energetic potential and awaken previously dormant capacities.

Topics presented will include how to:

  • Direct the upward flow of energy
  • Move qi along the body’s spiraling pathways
  • Neutralize and transform both unhealthy internal qi and the negative energy of the environment
  • Project energy to any part of the body at will
  • Work with the body’s center to periphery and vertical energy flows
  • Use spiraling energetics in various arms-extended qigong postures
  • Find the integrating factor for all of the body’s qi, regardless of how many neigong elements are being done simultaneously.

Price: €580 Price after Sep 20: €630

Price for all three courses in Ulm: €1050 Price after Sep 20: €1150

Event Structure

Registration/Check-in: October 27 (Sunday), 9:00 AM–First class session is 10:00AM

Approximate daily course schedule on Oct 27-30 is10:00AM-5:00PM with a two lunch break. Course schedule may be subject to change depending upon group dynamics.

*Spiraling Energy Body is an advanced form of the Energy Gates set and dissolving practices. It is highly recommended you have experience and competency in Energy Gates, specifically the downward dissolving practices before attending this course. If you do not, this course won’t be won’t be as effective and could even be destabilizing or harmful.

The best way to learn Energy Gates before the course is to go to the Energy Gates Intensive offered by Bruce this July, or at one of the two workshops in Ulm that two of Bruce’s Senior Instructors will be offering in September and October.



Ulm/ New-Ulm, Germany

Tai Chi Schule
Marlene-Dietrich-Str. 1

Tel: 0731-601343

This professional school offers classes in tai chi and qigong that are both easy to learn and understand. These disciplines help the body and spirit relax to develop peace, inner strength and stronger health.


This training course is not recommended for those with any kind of mental health issues or major medical problems. We simply do not have the resources to handle these needs.

Please note: The practice of Taoist energy arts may carry risks. The organizers are very concerned to ensure that the training is a positive experience for every participant. If for any reason whatsoever Bruce and/or his assistants deem that there may be any potential safety risks for you during this training, you will be asked to leave the course and suspend training immediately.

If this occurs you will be refunded a prorated course fee. All other expenses that you may have incurred, including lodging and travel will be your sole responsibility and the Energy Arts will not be responsible for these expenses.


October 27, 2019
October 30, 2019


Tai Chi Schule
Marlene-Dietrich-Str. 1
Neu-Ulm, Germany

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