Fire Element Workshop (Recordings Only)


Recognizing, Contacting and Balancing the Energy of Fire

New Students Welcome

The Fire Element expresses the amplifying principle and is all about flow rather than precision. Fire governs the heart, digestion and the ability to regulate temperature, yet can also increase anxiety and produce a mind that jumps around and gaps out. Fire Element practices focus on reducing anxiety, and generating smooth, strong qi flow and continuity of mind.

The ability to regulate temperature is generally achieved through the circulatory system (heart and blood vessels); both in terms of increasing body temperature to aid digestion, and lowering body temperature to cool down and reduce anxiety.

What You Will Learn

In this seminar, Master Bruce Frantzis and his Senior Instructors will use sitting, standing, moving, breathing and vibration techniques in order to recognize, contact and balance the Fire Element within your body.

You will learn how to go beyond an abstract, intellectual understanding of the Fire Element in order to:

  • Produce smooth, strong and vibrant qi.
  • Reduce anxiety.
  • Improve digestion.
  • Increase presence and continuity of mind.
  • Bring more spontaneity to life.

Tai Chi Cloud Hands

Tai Chi Cloud Hands will be used for the moving aspect of this training, serving as the container for internal (neigong) and energetic techniques.

You will receive a link to an introductory lesson on Tai Chi Cloud Hands (no Kajabi account required) before the course in order to familiarize
yourself with the movements. Master Frantzis will assume all students know the exercise upon entry.


Course Fees And Appreciation Credit

Thank you for attending our recent Earth Element virtual workshop! We hope that you enjoyed the course. At the request of several students over the weekend, we’re making available the recording of last spring’s virtual workshop on the Fire Element.  As a special thank you, you will also receive a $100 appreciation credit at checkout. Enjoy!

$97 $197 Online Course [Includes digital recordings of all instruction and guided practices]






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