Martial Applications Class with Bruce Spring 2024

Open to all (First Four Classes Are Free)

Would you like to learn the martial applications for the internal arts? Learning and practicing the martial side of the internal arts improves your understanding of the form, and makes your practice more effective for overall health as well, so we hope you can join us here in Longmont, CO! Bruce Frantzis, acclaimed martial artist, will be offering a new class dedicated to the martial side of the internal martial arts. Join us every Wednesday at 6:00 pm, March 27th to May 8th. Topics Bruce may cover include Tai Chi Push Hands, Bagua Rou Shou, martial applications, and if time allows Daoist meditation.

Martial Art Applications Wednesday, March 27th – May 8 – Classes begin March 27th 6-7pm

First Four Classes Are Free (March 27 – April 17)


Tai Chi Push Hands and Rou Shou include specific ways to defend yourself. These integrative self-defense techniques also help in your meditation practice by helping you confront blockages in your emotions and reactions to pressure. Understanding the martial applications is extremely useful in your interactions with people as well as understanding the formwork and neigong, improving all of these.

Class will be a mix of push hands, fighting applications, and rou shou. Learning and practicing these techniques is useful for self defence but also will deepen understanding of the form work, power generation, and health benefits of Tai Chi, Ba Gua, and Hsing-I.

The class will be a combination of instruction and practice. It will cover both basic practices as well as deeper training in feeling and moving energy and how martial training intersects with spirituality. Knowledge of any Tai Chi form will be useful but not necessary. Anyone interested in martial arts training of any sort is welcome.

If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to us at or give us a call at (303) 990-8990

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