The Sixteen Neigong

by | Nov 5, 2011 | Qigong

Neigong (Nei gung) or “internal power” is the original chi cultivation system in China, which was also invented by the Taoists. The 16 neigong develop chi. Within the Energy Arts Qigong Exercise Program you learn these neigong components. You can also learn and place these neigong into any internal martial art such as tai chi or bagua.

Learning qigong is a means by which to realize the potential of the 16 neigong to balance all of your eight energy bodies, starting with the physical body. The heart of the Energy Arts Core Qigong Program is training all 16 components.

Simplified Overview of the 16 Neigong (internal energy components)

The following are the 16 components. You do not have to learn these in a sequential manner. Further as you progress in your training you will find that each has many layers of sensitivity.

  1. Breathing methods, from the simple to the complex.
  2. Moving chi along the general direction of the various ascending, descending and lateral connecting channels within the body.
  3. Moving chi in specific ways throughout the body.
  4. Precise body alignments.
  5. Dissolving, releasing and resolving all blockages in the eight energy bodies.
  6. Bending and stretching the body’s soft tissues.
  7. Opening and closing methods (pulsing).
  8. Working with the energies of the external aura.
  9. Amplifying the circles and spirals of energy inside the body.
  10. Learning to move chi to any part of the body at will.
  11. Awakening and controlling all the energies of the spine.
  12. Awakening and using the body’s left and right energy channels.
  13. Awakening and using the body’s central energy channel.
  14. Developing the capacities and all the uses of the body’s lower tantien.
  15. Developing the capacities and all the uses of the middle and upper tantiens.
  16. Integrating and connecting each of the previous 15 components into one, unified energy.

These foundation practices enhance and advance the effectiveness of any chi practice, such as tai chi and bagua, or other exercise systems, such as yoga, dance or weight-lifting. To fully activate all of these at the same time in your energy bodies would mean that you truely have reached mastery level and completed many lifetimes of work.


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