Hsing-i Metal Fist

by | Jun 22, 2011 | Internal Martial Arts, Hsing-i

Hsing-i Metal Fist also known as Pi Chuan or Chopping/Splitting Fist is one of the five basic techniques of hsing-i chuan.

In this Five-Element technique, physical motion goes from up to down, utilizing An or Push Downward internal energy. It is a yin internal energy that can radiate energy from both the yin and yang meridians of the arms and hands. It is equally attack-oriented and defensive in nature.

The Metal Element, Lungs, Spine and Hands

The final posture of the complete Pi Chuan movement is the one held in Santi. Pi Chuan itself focuses on vertically downward-moving power. The internal pressures that this movement initiates in the body, in addition to its basic chi work, directly and positively affects the lungs. It is represented by the metal element, and focuses on making an extremely strong spine and hands as hard as steel.

Pi Chuan Basic Movement

The basic motion of Pi Chuan is a cutting action usually done downward with the palm or, in some schools, sometimes forward with the edge of the palm. In all schools, the fighting applications of Pi Chuan are also done with different parts of the closed fist.

Pi Chuan is the primary on-guard defensive position in hsing-i. In this posture, one hand is held high, covering the middle and upper body sections, and one hand low, covering the the body’s middle and lower sections.

Pi Chuan is used extensively against straight-line attacks. Many top hsing-i practitioners base their whole offensive strategy on only using Pi Chuan and Beng Chuan (Crushing Fist), defending with the upper hand of Pi Chuan and attacking with the bottom hand using Beng Chuan.


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