Hsing-i Water Fist Video – Tsuan Chuan

by | Aug 6, 2012 | Internal Martial Arts, Hsing-i

In this video, I demonstrate the Hsing-i Water Fist (Tsuan Chuan or Drilling Fist), which is equally offensive and defensive, allowing you to move around an opponent waterlike fashion. The internal pressures from a health perspectives positively affect the kidneys, which are responsible for our body vitality, so it is a powerful form to enliven the qi of the body.

“Its main aim is to nurture qi and develop the body, and is unconnected with fighting . . . I was formerly of weak constitution and always taking medicine, but after engaging in this practice for only a year, it was as if my sickness had disappeared. I now benefit from continued good health and deeply believe that the ancient worthies do not deceive us.” 

 —Lu Zibin, Forward to The Xingyi Boxing Manual, [Year 1923]


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