Hsing-i Water Fist

by | Jun 22, 2011 | Internal Martial Arts, Hsing-i

Hsing-i Water Fist also known as Tsuan Chuan or Drilling Fist is one of the five basic techniques of hsing-i chuan.

In this movement physical motion goes from down to up and uses Peng or Ward Off, expansive internal energy. Peng refers to energy rising or expanding from its source. It is the primary yang or projecting internal energy. It is equally defensive and attack-oriented in nature.

The Kidneys, Body Vitality and the Water Element

The internal pressures that Tsuan Chuan generates within the body during execution of the technique, in addition to its basic chi work, directly and positively affect the kidneys and the whole vitality of the body.

It focuses on vertically upward-moving power. Tsuan Chuan is represented by the water element, and focuses on making the hands able to move around the opponent’s arms like water moves around a rock. It fundamental action brings one hand down your centerline as the other hand simultaneously moves upward along your centerline in a kind of drilling uppercut.

Tsuan Chuan Form

Tsuan Chuan or Drilling Fist twists the body and arms powerfully, and is done in three basic ways. In the first, after the upward motion, the hands come to a dead stop at the end of the technique. In the second, the hand first moves upward as if to go through its target (the head, for example) and then returtns to a lower position in order to block a potential counterattack.

With both these methods, the hitting hand proceeds forward on a straight trajectory along the centerline of the body from your lower tantien. In the third method, the hand moves in a zigzag, waterlike, formless manner that mimics the irregular motion of water going around a rock. The twist at the end of the punch is always emphasized.


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