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Bagua Zhang – Center of the Circle

By Jess O'Brien and Isaac KaminsRevolving around a central point is at the core of Ba Gua Circle Walking. Revolution after revolution, we continue to...

Qigong University

By Dan Kleiman Do you remember your favorite college professor? Was he a wizened bookworm who would quote endlessly from the classics? Was she a...

The Art of Feeling Chi: Mind, Body, and Life Energy

By Senior Instructor Bill RyanMany people have trouble feeling their bodies.Many people have trouble feeling their chi, or what I call "life energy."Why? There can...

Tao Meditation Practice

By Frank IborraSince the early 60's I've been exposed to many different types of meditation techniques. Many were of a superficial nature used for stress...

Chuang Tse’s Fish (Part II)

By Alex FrantzisWhile many differing interpretations for the Taoist texts (ie. The Book of Chuang Tse and Lao Tse's Tao de Jing) exist, this article...

Taoist Seasons – Late Summer – Earth Element

By Matthew BrewerThe Long SummerThe fifth season is late summer or Indian summer. The Chinese call it Long Summer (chang xia). Its element is earth....

Taoist Seasons – Autumn – Metal Element

By Matthew Brewer收之道

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