The Fastest Way to Build Chi and Martial Power

by | Apr 26, 2011 | Internal Martial Arts, Hsing-i

From a young age I have practiced Martial Arts. In this video, I talk about how I learned martial arts, earning black belts in multiple external martial arts. My university Karate team in Japan won the national championship.

It was only later when I traveled to Asia that I found the internal martial arts.

Standing in various postures and doing Hsing-i and I Chuan are tremendous health practices. They helped my body heal after many years of the hard external arts. These internal arts are also known in Asia as the most direct way to build chi and power.

By practicing these arts you learn to go through obstacles, get things done and train your mind to focus. This is extremely valuable in anything you do whether it is business, healing or the martial arts.

The video also compares internal vs. external martial arts including mixed martial arts.

May you practice well! Bruce Frantzis


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