Archive Video: Tai Chi, Qigong and Internal Martial Arts

by | Apr 26, 2011 | Tai Chi | 2 comments

In this archive video from over 22 years ago I talk about the health benefits of tai chi, qigong and the internal martial arts.

The message has not changed over the years – although my hair has, some say for the better.

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  1. Kevin Robbins

    Very nice, Bruce. You’re a great messenger for qigong in all its myriad forms and practices.

  2. mmuell29

    This is a great blog, thank you. Speaking of archive videos. There is a very short video of Liu Hong Jie on the web. Is there a chance that we will see more of Liu. It can not be only 23 seconds. Even if the quality is bad, it’s interesting, after all these incredible stories to see this man.


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