Bagua Zhang Fire Palm

by | Aug 21, 2014 | Internal Martial Arts, Bagua Zhang | 2 comments

Here is a short, introductory video about the Bagua Fire Palm. In it, Bruce discusses Bagua’s history as a spiritual development system, as well as its evolution into a martial art. Bruce also discusses topics from a previously held workshop held in San Francisco.

This movement is meant to activate spiraling energy currents within the body and is an advanced practice.  


  1. Denny

    So glad to see Bruce teach in
    So glad to see Bruce teach in America once more! Another high quality training offered by Bruce, can’t wait to go!

  2. Maurine

    Excited about meeting and learning with Master Bruce
    Finally we all get to enter the dojo as one…
    Where east meet west meets disruptive wave and
    Jumps it!
    Landing firmly into the 5th Age of Being…
    Peace, joy, gratitude,

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