Bagua Zhang – Roll the Ball

by | Aug 30, 2012 | Bagua Zhang | 5 comments

The following bagua video is a demonstration of bagua roll the ball.

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  1. Kevin Hartwell

    I’ve just recently learned rolling the ball through Mr.Tangora’s book The Internal Structure of Cloud Hands and I’m amazed how after rolling the ball my Cloud Hands feels so much more fluid.
    Very cool to see the different variations of it and a glimpse of its possibilities!
    Thanks for posting this Bruce !

  2. chip carter

    Very nice! It reveals deep fundamental inner secrets!
    Thanks for demonstrating so well,

  3. Jane (

    Wonderful. Could watch this over and over. Best BK clip for ages. We sometimes do this exercise with our tai chi students and it’s fabulous and inspiring that they can now see how it’s supposed to be done. Thanks for posting.

  4. Etha

    I do like to do similar exercise WITH a ball 🙂
    very nice!

  5. Robert Brown

    Interesting approach to rolling the ball. Do you attempt to coordinate breathing with this practice? Sometimes I also try to do this with the back of the hands also, but it is more difficult. Usually, I turn the waist but not the hips to keep the kwa open to encourage more energy flow. Lots of possibilities!


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