Bonus 3 – Dissolving Meditation Intro and Practice

by | Sep 12, 2013 | Taoist Meditation

Standing and dissolving is a more advanced method of sinking qi. In sinking qi you take any bound, tense or condensed energy of your body from a state of a solid to a liquid and release it, allowing it to flow down the body and release into the earth. In dissolving you take the bound energy in the body from a solid to a liquid and then complete the process by changing its state into that of a gas and expanding any bound qi outside of your physical body to the edge of your etheric field. Then, it will naturally recycle into your body-energy matrix and be neutralized.

Important points:

  • Always work progressively downward and never go up.
  • Never push, force or strain.
  • Relax into the practice with the intent that you wish to make change, but never insisting upon it.

Once you have dissolved any physical and energetic blockages—to the extent that you are able—you are ready to energise yourself with physical movements.


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