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Foundational Qigong Instructor Training (Retreat Option) with Instructor Upgrade Track

July 17, 2022 - July 23, 2022

With Senior Instructors Bill Ryan, Paul Cavel and Craig Barnes

The purpose of this training is to:

  • Teach, refine and develop your practice of Foundational Qigong.
  • Guide prospective instructors on how to teach and achieve certification in Foundational Qigong.
  • Upgrade the skills of current EA Instructors in the core subjects of Dragon & Tiger, Energy Gates and Heaven & Earth.*
  • Prepare attendees for Master B.K. Frantzis’ three-week retreat on Daoist Breathing: Breath to Qi.

*Note: Existing EA Instructors will have previously learned the bulk of the material within Foundational Qigong. For this reason, the emphasis will be on refining those skills and upgrading the practices of Dragon & Tiger, Energy Gates and Heaven & Earth Qigongs, so they can achieve the highest level of recertification possible.

Foundational Qigong Retreat

Foundational Qigong is an ideal entry point into the Energy Arts System for learning, refining and developing the basics of qigong, tai chi and bagua practice. It consists of a set of simple yet powerful qigong exercises, which, when learned and practiced together, provide a solid grounding in:

  • Standing
  • Sitting
  • Breathing
  • Moving with relaxed, whole-body motion that helps to integrate the body, mind and spirit.

By training these exercises as a set, you can release tension, boost and balance your qi (vital life-force energy), better your health, and build the skills required to go deeper into any other internal practice. → Learn More About Foundational Qigong

What You Will Learn

Through the practice of Foundational Qigong, you will learn various techniques to:

  • Deeply relax your body, nerves and mind.
  • Improve circulation and develop qi.
  • Implement Water Method principles that guide you into  accurate and efficient practice.
  • Embody fundamental neigong that forms the bedrock of the entire Energy Arts System.

All students are welcome to attend, including:

  • Those who are new to Foundational Qigong and wish to gain a solid grounding in essential neigong practices.
  • Experienced students who wish to deepen their existing practice of the Energy Arts System.

If you wish to study Foundational Qigong for your own practice, you are welcome to join us. There is no requirement to attend how-to teach sessions or to test for instructor certification.

Certify in Foundational Qigong: Level 1, 2 or 3

Prospective instructors must:

  • Attend all class times and practice sessions.
  • Take an entry test at the beginning of the training, so that your skill level can be assessed, and Senior Instructors can organize groups to best help you develop accordingly.
  • Pass the final test at the end of the course.
  • Fulfill additional criteria upon completion of the course to become certified.

As well as learning the practices of Foundational Qigong, you will also receive instruction in:

  • How to teach.
  • How to look at students and understand what is happening internally.
  • How to offer hands-on corrections with finesse.

Since 2004, Master Frantzis has been mentoring Senior Instructors in these critical teaching skills. Now they are sharing their knowledge with fellow EA Instructors. This will allow Master Frantzis to begin turning his attention toward the Lineage Track of study.

First-Time Instructors

If this is your first Instructor Training with our school, you will be required to:

  • Practice for six months following the retreat.
  • Teach 10 hours of Foundational Qigong, which can be done with family and friends, or in the form of private training or public classes.
  • Attend a “check in” online or in person with one of the Senior Instructor Certifiers to discuss your practice and teaching experience, and to retest in order to ensure that you have remained “on track.”

Existing Energy Arts Instructors

Existing EA Instructors will receive their certification upon successfully passing the test at the end of the course.

Anyone who does not pass or achieves a lower level than they had hoped for can schedule a retest at any point in the future (subject to availability), as long as they continue practicing and feel they have sufficiently improved.

Instructor Upgrade Track

This aspect of the training has been designed to support existing EA Instructors in both their practice and their teaching. This is a great opportunity for existing instructors to receive personal feedback and input on their Dragon and Tiger, Energy Gates and Heaven and Earth Qigong forms. We will train together to correct bad habits, and improve and refine your forms. The Senior Instructors will work closely with you, and you will have the chance to work with other Certified Energy Arts Instructors to help each other develop.

The Senior Instructors will also help decipher the new eight-level curriculum, so that attendees understand the levels and can attain the highest possible level for their recertification test(s). All Instructors in attendance will be re-certified free of charge into the new eight-level system for any Dragon and Tiger, Energy Gates or Heaven and Earth Qigong certifications they hold.

You must be an existing Energy Arts Instructor to participate in this aspect of the training.

Preparation for Master B.K. Frantzis’ Daoist Breathing Retreat

All students, including those who are attending Master Frantzis’ three-week Taoist Breathing retreat, will receive daily instruction in and practice the Taoist Breathing, six-part sequence. This will help prepare students for Master Frantzis’ teachings, and give them the best chance of attaining “Breath to Qi.”

Course Schedule

New and existing students are welcome to participate in-person or online. In order to become certified in Foundational Qigong, you must attend in-person. If you want to learn the material for yourself, you may attend in-person or online. In-person attendance is always recommended as a superior method of learning.

Schedule for In-Person Attendees at the Dao Guan:

Sunday, July 17, 2022
2:00-2:45 pm Registration/Check-in
3:00-5:30 pm Introduction and Assessment

Monday-Friday, July 18-22, 2022
9:00-9:45 am Daoist Breathing
10:30 am-1:00 pm Foundational Qigong Instruction
3:00-4:30 pm How to Teach and Hands-on Feedback (Instructors and Instructor Prospects)

Saturday, July 23, 2022
9:00-9:45 am Daoist Breathing
10:30 am-1:00 pm Foundational Qigong Instruction

18 course hours for retreat participants (minimum)
28 course hours for instructor prospects (minimum)
(Plus additional group practices will be required for Foundational Qigong Instructor Certification.)

Schedule for Live Streaming/Online Attendees:

Monday, July 18 to Saturday, July 23, 2022
9:00-9:45 am Daoist Breathing
10:30-1:00 pm Foundational Qigong Instruction

18 course hours (minimum)


Course Fees

Easy Pay Option! Choose to pay in 3 installments.

Save 5% when you book by May 31, 2022:

$425 $403 Foundational Qigong Retreat

$647 $614 Foundational Qigong Instructor Training/Upgrade


Plus receive $200 off any four-week retreat:

$2,172 $2,063 Foundational Qigong AND Breathing Retreat
$2,394 $2,274 Instructor Training/Upgrade AND Breathing Retreat



The Dao Guan Colorado

Live-Stream Access

For online-only attendees, immediately after registering you will receive a unique join link from Zoom to access our broadcasts.

Course Recordings

As a feature of our hybrid model of in-person and online training, you will receive a digital recording of all the classes and guided practices, which you can watch and download at a time of your convenience by logging into your Kajabi account.


Deep contemplation, physical contact and the risk of injury and emotional stress are inherent in the practice of meditation, movement, martial and other arts taught by Energy Arts LLC, B.K. Frantzis and/or his assistants, certified instructors and their assistants. This course is not for people with mental-health issues and, if you have any concern about your well being, you should consult with your healthcare professional. You must voluntarily assume full responsibility for all risks of loss, damage or injury of any kind that you may sustain. You may sit out of any practice or exercise as you like.

The names, materials, exercises and components, and teaching methodology used throughout the course are protected by copyrights and trademarks owned by Master B.K. Frantzis and/or Energy Arts LLC and such names and materials may NOT be reproduced in any form (whether in print, electronically or otherwise), sold, or otherwise used without expressed written permission.

You may NOT teach any of the material learned unless expressly certified as an Energy Arts Instructor by Master B.K. Frantzis.


July 17, 2022
July 23, 2022


Energy Arts Training Center
1602 9th Avenue, Longmont CO 80501 United States + Google Map

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