What Is Foundational Qigong?

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Foundational Qigong includes the core exercises and key component practices of the Energy Arts System.

Four Core Exercises

The three training levels that comprise Foundational Qigong allow students to establish and grow their practice of four essential component practices:

  • Standing in the neutral posture and the three tantien postures for qigong.
  • Posture for sitting in a chair – preparation for meditation.
  • Taoist Breathing – while standing, sitting and moving.
  • Qigong Circling Hands – making circles on all three planes of motion.

Essential Neigong

Within this set of practices, essential neigong components are developed, including but not limited to:

  • Bio-mechanical alignments to generate highly efficient postures and movements.
  • Breathing to relax and soften the body, and release the nerves.
  • Circular, even motion to increase blood flow and generate abundant qi.
  • Bending and stretching the body’s soft tissues to shed tension and create whole-body motion.
  • Activating the kwa, the doorway to internal training, without which practice cannot really be called internal.
  • Moving qi along the ascending and descending energy channels of the body to dramatically increase energy levels.

Key Principles of Taoist Arts

Through Foundational Qigong practices imbued with internal (neigong) power techniques, practitioners learn how to follow and embody key principles of the Taoist Water Tradition, including but not limited to:

  • The 70-percent Rule – that which guides all training in the Water Tradition of Taoism and enables full effort without strain.
  • Separate and Combine – in order to efficiently progress at the fastest rate.
  • Circular rather than linear movement – to generate effortless motion, release the nerves and relax during practice.
  • Generating balance – both the path toward peace and the preset for integration.
  • Integrated, whole-body motion – to increase strength, efficiency and qi development.

Solidifying Your Foundation

Practicing Foundational Qigong will systematically and progressively:
  • Releases both superficial and long-term, accumulated tensions.
  • Frees up your body mind and qi.
  • Produces smooth, relaxed internal practice.

These aspects are the cornerstones necessary for generating vibrant health, healing your body and dealing with stress — the leading disease of the modern age.

Foundational Qigong will also help you move into deeper aspects of training within the other core qigong sets: Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong, Energy Gates Qigong and Heaven and Earth Qigong. These core practices set the stage — by delivering the critical skills required — for branching out to other more complex areas of Taoist arts training, such as tai chi, hsing-i, bagua, Taoist Meditation and Taoist Yoga.

      The stronger your foundation, the further you can advance.


Become Certified to Teach Foundational Qigong!

Foundational Qigong Instructor Training and Instructor Upgrade
With Senior Instructors Craig Barnes, Paul Cavel and Bill Ryan

  • July 17-23, 2022 – In-person attendees
  • July 18-23, 2022 – Live-stream and online attendees


  1. Sherre Wichmann

    I am interested in the July 17-23 in person training. Have costs been established for the workshop? I assume instructor certification is an additional cost. Also do you have information on accommodations close to the school?

  2. Patrick Mithra

    Hello, I wonder if this summer program is a continuation of the Spring one or if it is a whole by himself. And in case, does the Spring program can be got online afterward?
    I’m working seriously and continuously with different program on Taichi Space (as Yang Taichi, Heaven&Hearth Qigong, Taoist Neigong). Please could you indicate if my interest is to attempt to this Summer retreat or simply continue to go deeper with Paul’s Taichi Space teaching?
    Thank you very much for all you give.
    I’m fully passionate with EA work and Développement.
    Unfortunately it is exclude for me to join you at the Colorado spot and I’m obliged to study online only and refer to myself for what and when I can be aloud to teach.
    Warmly your’s

    • Katie Keane

      Thanks for checking in Patrick. Wonderful that you are dedicated to your study and practice of Energy Arts material. The summer retreats are separate from our weekly class program, and we will also have summer sessions of our weekly classes – you can find more information about our summer offerings here: https://www.energyarts.com/events/

  3. Tonja Snyder

    Has this class closed (filled)?


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