Learning Tai Chi with T.T. Liang

by | Mar 6, 2013 | Tai Chi | 8 comments

In this short video I talk about learning tai chi from T.T. Liang. I enjoyed being and studying with T.T. Liang immensely and he was both a great person and a brilliant tai chi master.



  1. Raymond Negron

    Thank you!
    Thank you!

  2. Dave Kirby

    TT Liang
    I’ve been getting your emails for several months and, frankly, don’t usually look at them. Today, you mentioned and I watched your talk on T. T. Liang. I first started doing Tai Chi in Boston, at the Y in the combat zone. I moved away after six months and never learned the whole of pushing hands. I gradually quit doing tai chi because I lost confidence that I was doing it correctly.

    I started it up again at a senior center in New Port Richey, FL where I now do the Chang style. I still have my two TT books and intend to (I don’t always follow through with my intentions) continue where I left off in pushing hands.

    I am not sure, but I think the young “assistant,” who led the group, may have been named Bruce. Any way, thanks for the video. I will certainly be paying more attention to your emails……..Dave

  3. kenneth koles

    That was great I remember
    That was great I remember the metronome. BLESSINGS OOOMMM

  4. JJ

    Thanks! You make TT come alive. Your sincere love for your teacher is admirable.

  5. Ahmed Dangor

    TT Liang
    SO interesting and informative of the personality of this Grand Master
    Sifu Bruce talks about
    Gives one a good idea what they are all about
    I really enjoyed it

  6. Antonio M Suarez

    Ba kua
    Hello Bruce,
    I was smiling greatly after watching your interview about Master TT Liang. When I met you in the 80’s in Virginia at The Taste of China, you gave an amazing demo of Ba Kua. You hurled Sam Masich around like a rag and later in the week were wonderfully open about training ideas and offered much to just about anyone who wished to “play”.

    I was surprised to learn however from this interview that I had met you before. I had attended what was then the “Bamboo Hut” in Boston. Trained there with Master Liang, Bow Sim Mark and John Chung Li. They took me to William Chen who I had trained with for many many years.

    Thanks for the e mails as they offer much. I will be looking forward to you coming back to the US where I can enjoy a class or two.
    Stay well,
    Tony Suarez

  7. Liam R

    T. T. Liang
    Thanks a lot for that. Must go read his autobiography now, as I’ve had it tucked away for some time.
    Take care.

  8. chiwiz

    T.T. Liang
    And…. he always had a pot of soup cooking on the little two burner hotplate in his studio (The Huntington Ave studio in 1972). As well as a wet sponge handy where, between teaching me moves, he would swipe dust kitties off the floor. Truly a remarkable, funny teacher and great human being.

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