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Filmed in Crete, Greece 2010 during the Longevity Breathing Instructor Training.

*To view clip in high quality, start playing the video and then change the 360p setting in the bottom right to 720p*

In July of 2011 I held a Wu Style Tai Chi Short Form Instructor Training in England. I typically hold this course only once every 8-10 years or so. For  information on Upcoming Instructor Trainings please visit our Events page.


  1. Donna

    Thanks, Bruce, I enjoyed your clip. I have practiced the Chen style, so was interested to see the Wu style. Best of luck with your trip and teaching, Donna

  2. Ajo Kifli

    Smooth movements but full of energy, I enjoyed it. Thanks Bruce.

  3. chip carter

    Nicely done. Tai Chi to me is a trip in awareness of oneself. I like this short form. I notice the the thumbs the most as their position is more outward from the hand then what I am use to. Is there a reason for this?

    • Tai Chi Master Bruce Frantzis

      The position of the thumbs is important. Generally, the thumbs are close to the hand for protection. However, they can be quite far from the hands if you wish to do martial techniques for tearing into someone’s flesh or to increase fa jin (discharging power). Classically, the thumbs spread out more to create the “tiger’s mouth” and radically increase fa jin.


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