Tai Chi Push Hands Video – Principles

by | May 15, 2012 | Tai Chi Push Hands | 5 comments

The following video is an overview of some of the basic principles of Tai Chi Push Hands or Tai Chi Tui Shou.

In the Fall we are going to be releasing a Tai Chi Mastery Program, which will include a video program on tai chi push hands or tai chi tui shou that is relevant to all tai chi styles including the Yang, Wu and Chen Styles of tai chi.

The push hands videos will be a complete program in itself showing beginning to advanced methods. This will be a comprehensive system that can integrate into any tai chi training or ciriculum. Currently we have about 30 hours of footage but this is only about half of the program – we have not yet filmed the advanced segments. I feel push hands is one of the most important practices you can do if you are learning a tai chi form or immediately after you learn a form. It is also fun to practice.

For those who may not know about push hands, you work with a partner in a series of exercises. It enables you to learn and feel the 8 core energies of tai chi integrating them into you body. Although most view push hands as a martial art practice, in reality it rapidly increases your energetic sensitivity and is thus useful for health, healing and martial arts. It is also an extremely effective at increasing sensitivity for the bedroom arts, something I have dedicated an entire chapter on in an upcoming book.

We will be releasing more videos on push hands in the coming months. Please watch, share and comment – this helps spread the knowledge.


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