The Tao of Sex: For All Stages of Your Life (Part 3 of 3)

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For most people, cultivating sexual chi is a lifetime progression because it has the potential for completely engaging and connecting the body, mind and spirit.

  • In youth, the sexual practices help fully release the body’s chi while engaging the elements of mind and spirit, which helps the process.
  • In middle age, the emphasis becomes releasing the energy of the mind and emotions, while further engaging and connecting the body and spirit.
  • In old age, the emphasis is on engaging the spirit, so that you become fully connected and present to yourself, which can extend to the time after you leave your physical form.

Sex for Youth

When you are young and your sexual appetite is high, sexual qigong fully opens up your body’s chi, so you can most enjoy this naturally energetic phase of human life. Sexual qigong helps ameliorate the rage of hormones and the accompanying mood swings that can go from elation to depression. It helps remove the inner obstacles so you can get past the “I don’t know what I want to do with my life syndrome.”

As you take advantage of the practices that open your mind, you mature faster and become less self-absorbed. Sexual qigong can also help your first relationships to be true awakenings and experiences of growth rather than emotional rollercoaster rides. It helps you distinguish the separation between your parents and your lover. This is a big deal in the West.

As you take control of your energy to help relax and survive the excesses of youth, you prepare your body and mind for the next stage of your life.

Sex during Middle Age

Throughout history, the nature of middle age is that people enter the most productive and potentially creative times of their lives. They have gotten through the excesses of youth; they have had some education and learned to put it to use.

Unfortunately, in our culture, productivity decreases for many as the amount of stress rises. The responsibilities of work, family, children and parents become overwhelming. The greatest single thing that sexual qigong and other chi practices can do is to help you find a still place inside yourself where the responsibilities, at least internally, cease to be a burden.

In the middle phase of your life, sexual meditation can be a gateway to open the heart center and to more deeply explore your relationship with your partner and the core of your being. As you become healthier in body and mind, you can protect and build the sexual energy of the body and all its mechanisms so it will last and function well into old age.

Sex for the Elderly: Oh-Oh

One of the great “secrets” of chi practices is that they help people maintain their sexual vitality well into old age.

Given that half of Western society will be over fifty years of age by 2020, the myths about older people being sexually washed up and useless need a revolutionary overhaul, one that could be led by seniors.

Taoist sexual practices could really come into their own because many older people might not want to give up that part of their lives just because there is another candle on their birthday cake. There is no reason why sex cannot be as rewarding and as much fun as golf and other hobbies—provided people remain mindful of sexually transmitted diseases.

If older people have already learned and used chi practices to free up some of the burdens of their mental and emotional turmoil, they can choose to explore sexual meditation and fully open up their psychic, karmic and spiritual potentials. They become the wise leaders of humankind by being comfortable with themselves and overcoming the fear of their own deaths.

The Chi of Sex: Renewable and Sustainable

The good news is that cultivating your sexual energy becomes a source of renewable, sustained chi that you can cultivate well into old age. At the level of sexual qigong, you can become healthier, more relaxed and fully open and intimate, not only with your partner, but also within the depths of your own being.

At the level of sexual meditation, you and your partner learn to explore your psychic, karmic and spiritual potential.

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  1. James Urbaniak

    Is there more info available on the Chi of Sex for the elderly?

  2. oludayo abayomi ojo

    I sincerely appreciate the openness in which you unfold the knowledge of tao of sex and the secret of cultivating the renewable and sustainable energy that promote it’s blissfulness. I wish to be informed how to remove the prostrate inflammation that inhibits my sexual prowess. I strongly believe that chikung/qigong exercises could do the removal if I am well informed about it. Thanks.


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