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Welcome to the annual State of the Tao address!

I’m writing to keep you updated on what’s happening in the coming year, as well as to reflect on the events of last year.

As with every living thing on Earth, Energy Arts is forever changing and becoming new. I can feel things on the horizon for the company and for the teachings.

My Current Practice

I am spending the winter season in Canada’s Yukon Territory where the temperatures are commonly minus 30 degrees below zero, with very little sunlight each day.  Being in these strong external conditions has given me good motivation to be present with myself and my practice.

I have been focusing on getting healthier and more fit by mainly doing bagua circle walking and using openings & closings in my qigong practices.

On the spiritual side, I’ve been practicing and exploring the connections and commonalities between the Rigpa of Tibet’s Dzogchen and the Internal Alchemy of Taoism. This has allowed me to go deeper inside myself where I have expanded and redoubled my meditation practice. In the Tao, learning is a lifelong pursuit that, if done with enthusiasm, kindness, and curiosity will continuously bear fruit. No matter how much one “knows” the more one does the more they can become…

Happy Year of the Earth Dog

This is a year to think and analyze less. The energy of the year will support you in learning to feel and become more sensitive to what the living planet Earth itself is sharing, helping you tap into the specific type(s) of nourishment important for you to obtain more satisfaction in your life.

The Tao always seeks balance, even if at times in hidden ways.

Part of this is related to the idea that every situation has good and bad points. Don’t ignore sore spots and enhance only what is good, or ignore the challenges that need solutions. It is good to be aware of your weaknesses, so you can focus on the productivity of overcoming them.

Proceed intelligently and in straightforward ways. Be guided by your own hard work and natural common sense. Take advantage of being with straightforward people in smooth and harmonious ways. This is also a good year to be more cooperative with the group than fighting to be alone out in front.

Again, don’t let life’s obstacles get you down, rather be like a happy puppy who playfully jumps around them. Work hard and create bigger goals in order to use your full potential.

The world has many injustices, which you will probably feel at certain times this year. Find one area you can have an impact on and then put some effort into correcting it, rather than just pessimistically sulking and talking about it. There will always be more you can do, but by narrowing your focus on helping in one area, inwardly you will be more effective and at peace.

Be practical and work on fixing your own errors rather than criticizing and harping on the shortcomings of others. Encourage others to recognize and correct their mistakes but don’t hammer on them. Carefully consider to whom you should give your loyalty.

Also listen to the merits of criticisms you receive and don’t reject them out of hand. This is an easy time to get exhausted from pressure at work, so don’t neglect having good healthy compensating factors in your life like tai chi, qi gong and meditation.

Find ways to go deeper with your existing relationships and love interests. Resist the urge to think that the grass is greener on the other side. In love this year loyalty will pay internal dividends, especially with close ones and in your family life.

I say again;  think and analyze less.  Learn to feel and become sensitive to what the living planet Earth is telling you in regards to obtaining more satisfaction in your life. The path of the Tao on this planet can be easily entered into through regular physical and qi practices, as well as relating well with others. This will help you navigate and have a smooth and satisfying year that is in harmony with peace and the Tao regardless of what is happening externally in the world.

Taoist Training Center Update

Last year we actually put a bid on a 10,000 square foot property but unfortunately another buyer came in with an all cash offer that was above ours.

We continue to look for a training facility that will fit our circumstances and this remains important to training instructors and passing on the Taoist lineage.

If you are able to help via funding or property please reach out to us. In the meantime, we are actively searching, raising financing and remain committed to finding the right location to support the Taoist work and our longer-term vision for the community.

New Dragon & Tiger Medical Qigong Certifiers

This past summer we held a special ceremony for a select few Senior Instructors to become Certifiers in Dragon & Tiger Qigong. This means that they have the autonomy to certify others to become Instructors in the Energy Arts system!

It was an honor to recognize Bill Ryan, Craig Barnes, and Jamie Dibdin for their dedication to the Energy Arts system and specifically for their expertise in Dragon & Tiger Qigong.

Each one of these men is a Master in his own right with over 20+ years of experience in our lineage. I have immense gratitude for their commitment.

For Energy Arts, this is a great stride in our mission to make our Dragon & Tiger system available to as many people as possible.

For those of you who are interested in becoming an instructor, this is an excellent opportunity to reach out to one of these Senior Instructors to become certified…

Click the links below to learn more about each instructor:

Keep an eye on the horizon, as I hope to announce more new Energy Arts Certifiers and Senior Instructors soon!

Training Circle 2018

Earlier this year we opened registration for the Energy Arts Monthly Training Circle and invited you to train with me on a monthly basis with online digital classes and live Q&A calls. The response was overwhelming and I’m grateful to have such an amazing community in the Circle!

Right now we’re focusing on Openings and Closings Qigong and Taoist Meditation (Inner-dissolving with Agendas). I must say, it’s by far the most complete and comprehensive deep-dive into Openings and Closing Qigong I’ve ever created.

Imagine what it would be like to wake up every morning and know exactly how to maximize your energy arts practice for the best results?

This is why I created the Training Circle in the first place. Daily practice and consistency is the key to vitality, clarity of mind, flexibility, awareness, focus, freedom and spiritual joy!

You must immerse yourself in your practice every day.

Look for a re-opening of the Training Circle in early 2019.

Events 2018

Tai Chi: Wu Style Short and Medium Forms

During this week-long intensive, Bruce will teach the Wu Style Tai Chi Short Form to beginner and intermediate students and the Medium form to more advanced practitioners.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to learn the Wu Style Tai Chi form from the only known lineage holder of Wu and Yang style tai chi and Taoist meditation teacher in the West.  If you have ever wanted to learn tai chi, this summer is the best time! The Wu Style Tai Chi Long Form that Bruce teaches was developed by Wu style co-founder Wu Jien Chuan. He personally taught it to Liu Hung Chieh, who taught it to Bruce. Bruce developed his Wu Style Short and Medium Form from this Long Form with the encouragement of his teacher Liu.

Openings and Closings: Heaven and Earth Qigong and Tai Chi Circling Hands

Deep below the surface of all authentic Taoist energy practices is the subtle opening and closing of your joints, circulatory system, internal organs, and cavities, which radiate outward to set the rhythm for the rest of your body and movements. If you learn how to control these subtle movements, then you can learn how to harness the power of Qi in your physical and energetic bodies.

Openings and closings is one of the MOST important internal energy practices (neigong) used to supercharge qi development. In fact, openings and closings are so fundamental to Taoist energy arts that without them, you don’t have Tai Chi, Qigong, Bagua, Internal Martial Arts, or even meditation.

During this week-long retreat Bruce will teach the practice of Openings and Closings neigong inside Heaven & Earth Qigong and Tai Chi Circling Hands.

Qigong Tui Na: Physical and Energetic Body Work

Part of Bruce’s Taoist training was learning to apply qigong tui na (energy healing) techniques to over 1000 patients in medical clinics in China. In this new qigong tui na course, he’ll share the knowledge and experience he gained in how to apply the internal energy methods of qigong and neigong within bodywork to heal others. He’ll teach those who are new to qigong tui na sophisticated joint manipulation and healing techniques drawn from Heaven and Earth Qigong and Bend the Bow Qigong.

Beginners and experienced bodywork practitioners alike will find these energetic techniques to be useful and immediately applicable. For those who have studied core energy qigong tui na with him in the past, he’ll teach deeper aspects of subjects such as openings and closings, twisting and spiraling, or other techniques drawn from the 16 neigong components of internal power.

Fall Events

Bruce will be offering teachings again in US and Europe this Fall. Courses and cities to be announced soon!

Tao Te Ching, Tao Yoga and 5 Element Projects

We have three projects that are in the works.

The first is a Tao Te Ching Project. This has been a multi-year project which aims to create a practitioner’s manual that includes both a new translation, and an audio program consisting of authentic Taoist meditations and practices. Nothing like this exists and we are excited to share more in the future about this exciting work.

We filmed a Taoist yoga video series last year and have been editing this for release in the future. Whenever I have taught this practice, which differs significantly from Indian Yoga, students are blown away. It is a system that incorporates qigong, Taoist breathing and Taoist meditation within Yoga and is truly life changing. Stay tuned for more information.

Lastly, we also filmed a 5 Element Qigong and Meditation series. This links specific qigong and meditation practices with each of the elements and has been something that we sometimes do at our longer retreats. This is the first time we have put this on video.

Closing Remarks

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone in our community, especially those who continue to support Energy Arts by attending events and by participating in the online programs. And of course to all the teachers out there, as it is you who brings these practices into your communities, in small or big ways and are making a difference. It is  good to have a strong personal practice and if you also help teach and spread this to others even better.

I wish everyone a wonderful year of the Earth Dog and I look forward to seeing many of you as I travel or online.

 In appreciation,

Bruce Frantzis

Founder, Energy Arts Inc.


  1. Dave MacDonald

    Thanks for the energy and
    Thanks for the energy and inspirational message Bruce.
    Kind regards

  2. toni guglielmino

    Tai Chi practice
    I like your Energy Arts channel and presently I would like to go deeper in the Bagua practice.

  3. bwna

    I love the picture Bruce and
    I love the picture Bruce and the fact that you are spending time in the Yukon. As a youth I was totally fascinated by the Sgt. Preston of the Royal Canadian Police series on television. I bet you can remember that one. I live in Maine where the winters can be a bit challenging but not quite as severe. Carry on.

  4. Barbara K

    State of the Tao
    Thank you for the overview of Evergy Arts going forward into 2018-19 and for the year of the DOG directives. Your “blogs” inspire me to be more mindful and diligent about how I spend my Qi. Can’t wait til Energy Arts comes to Durham, NC.

  5. David Zucker

    Thank you
    Happy year of the Dog to you and the community. Congratulations to Bill, Craig, and Jamie.

  6. Matthew Lepold

    State of the Tao-
    Thanks Bruce, and thanks to everyone at Energy Arts. The practices of Baguazhang and Tai Chi have turned the clock back for me physically and mentally. This is life-changing material and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Congratulations to all the certifiers, I will be booking some lessons with Craig Barnes as he lives near me.


  7. Tony Leabeater

    Taoist Yoga
    Great to see video on Taoist Yoga has been produced.

  8. Sherry

    2018 State of the Tao message encouraging
    Thank you for your timely State of the Tao 2018 message.
    Sometimes a few unexpected words are a reminder to take heart and have the fortitude to keep going to complete a difficult and seemingly endless task. I am enthusiastically looking forward to closure while trying to actually be kind, in spite of challenging circumstances. I would definitely benefit from learning to dissolve and release emotions in the moment!
    I am hopeful that it will be possible for me to come to Durham this summer and attend at least one of your workshops. Avila looks like it would be such a peaceful and spiritual place as a venue for teaching and learning. I will look forward to meeting you and your instructors if I am fortunate enough to make the trip to Durham!

    Sherry Mladineo
    Jackson MS

  9. Kartikey

    Eager to Learn

    I am a Tai Chi for Health Instructor. I have learned Sun Style 73 attended several classes for the form and just can’t get enough of it, love practicing it beyond I can describe.

    I am only one of two such Instructor in whole of India, the other certified instructor in my wife.

    I want to know how I can learn Wu style, maybe get the idea of it,
    How can I learn Dragon and Tiger Qigong, I have fully dedicated myself to spread goodness of Tai Chi and Qigong in my country and I have only recently started.

    As I have only recently started I am surviving without any regular income source, but I am as happy as a person can ever be,

    Do let me know,

    Kartikey Shukla


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