Tai Chi and the Lower Tantien

by | Nov 23, 2013 | Tai Chi | 13 comments

In this video, I talk about the importance of the lower tantien in tai chi and also for general health and vitality. The lower tantien is the place all the energy circuits pass through.



  1. austin

    clear concise informative thank u very much

  2. Sally Rawlins

    Tan Dien talk
    Right on: Clear, elegant, quietly compelling. I am a (fairly) long term TaiChi/ChiGung reader, piecemeal worker to learn how to best learn a viable practice. Thank you for keeping me posted. Soon perhaps I can begin a formal contract to learn.
    Then I shall add, “HipHipHooray!”

  3. Ron Loving

    Tai Chi and Lower DanTien
    I learned 3 new things that I didn’t know about tai chi and the lower dantien from this video. I was curious if I would gain new, usable knowledge from BKF’s Tai Chi lectures. Now I’m convinced he has a LOT to offer. When the Tai Chi Mastery program re-opens I’ll be among the first to sign up.

  4. Walter Zimmermann


  5. Ricardo Hercules

    Aware now about lower Dantien.
    Valeu Bruce!.

    Ricardo Hercules.

  6. Beverley Kane_MD

    Thank You! And Qigong With Horses/Horse Dan Tien
    Bruce, thank you for sharing you wisdom. Reminds me of where I recently read–was it in your “Dragon and Tiger Qigong” book?–a quote from a guy who had been doing t’ai ji 20 years and finally admitted, “I can’t really find my gaddam dan tien.”

    My colleagues and I teach qigong with horses, mostly the dan tien press and the dan tien hug on the ground for stress reduction. We also teach mounted lessons in joining the lower dan tien with the horse’s dan tien. Recently our Shaolin Masters did a qi and dan tien sensing session with the horses. They found that the horses had an amazingly free flow of qi around what would be their ? microcosmic (macrocosmic!) orbit. I recommend that people locate a somatic horsemanship instructor (or yoga and horses instructor) and try sitting & walking bareback on a horse to develop the sense of one’s lower (and other) dan tien(s) as you circulate the qi with the horse’s qi.

  7. Ahmed Dangor

    QiQong horses
    where can I purchase this training on a DVD

  8. René R. Sell

    Thumbs up
    Just a thank you for your inspiring words! 🙂

  9. JJ

    Lower Tantien
    So inspiring. In awe of such wisdom. This keeps me in love with the art – thank you Bruc

  10. Sandra Cabeçadas

    Tai Chi and the Lower Tantien
    You got it!

  11. Visitor

    Good to knowledge.
    Good to knowledge.

  12. Visitor

    Historically correct
    Wonderful excellent excerpt.

  13. Visitor


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