Tai Chi for Back Pain

by | Feb 26, 2013 | Tai Chi | 40 comments

In this tai chi video on back pain I explain how I used tai chi to help my own back recover. I offer several ideas on how tai chi can be used with anyone that has back pain.

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  1. b

    my right side
    For the next few days I will do the work outs and see if my right side wakes up….It has been asleep for just over a year…after a chest
    I will let you know…

    Thank You

  2. Visitor

    Tai Chi for Back Pain
    This video for Tai Chi for Back Pain is very helpful and I will pass it on. Having suffered from a Back Injury I can relate. You bring up very good points and benefits. Thank you.

  3. John Ross

    Thank you for this
    Thank you for this information – as always, very clearly explained.

  4. Irene f

    Back pain
    Hi Bruce, I started a Tai Chi class last year but had to give up because of my lower back pain which i have had since an accident at work six years ago. I will talk to my physiotherapist regarding what you have said as i dont want to give up trying Tai Chi. Thank you for explaining it so well. Irene.

  5. VisitorMargaret

    back pain video
    Thanks for this. Two comments: Firstly the tips would have been more helpful if his clothes hadn’t been so baggy. Secondly he tried to cover too much info and too fast.

  6. VisitorJim Weir

    Back Pain
    Interested in your video, had a similar experience, although not caused by serious back injury, always had back problems which required treatment by an osteopath. When I retired 15 years ago I took up Tai Chi, Yu style, and within 6 months felt the benifit and have not had to visit an osteopath since. I always thanked Tai chi for the improvement but until I watched your video never understood how it helped, now I do, thank you.

  7. Ray Pamias

    I appreciate the food for
    I appreciate the food for thought (and practice), and I am glad to see you better.
    Thank You

  8. John H

    Thanks Bruce, you have
    Thanks Bruce, you have confirmed what suspected. I have been doing tai chi for many years, and over those years my lower back pain has eased. I will of course continue.

  9. Patrick B.

    It healed my spine!!!
    I´ve had an bad car accident in 1998. I´ve had been broken different vertebraes in my spine. After a long time of different doctors (no one of them could help me) i´d come to tai chi. And I met Bruce Kumar Frantzis in Darmstadt Germany. And what should I say. He really helped to heal my spine. Completly!!!! So his system really works.
    Unfortunately i´ve had a bad car accident 2 years ago and last year my disc in the lower back has been gone. But i rememberd the stuff of Bruce and did it again and my spine feels much better now.

    So Bruce, once again. I really want to say thank you, for you help and for the way of teaching. Hope to see again in Moritz school in Darmstadt.

    Thank you,
    Patrick B.

  10. Visitor

    T’ai Chi

    Doing Yang Short form for the past 20+ years has kept me very active Paddling Open water Surf Ski’s, playing on recumbent Bikes walking in the marsh and swamps of Fl with my Dog Bodi, and # 1 keeping my Ox level high in my blood.

    Being Active is being Alive, standing still in life is Death in mind and body.

    Cheers Joseph Born Sept 8 1931 n.y.c.

  11. Steve Condry

    Video clip on back pain
    Great information, clearly explained.
    Very useful.
    Thank you for presenting it.

  12. John Reinhard

    Thank you Bruce for this explaination. I will use this in my practice.

  13. Astraea

    Thank you.
    Thank you Bruce. I love your videos. I also spread the news – especially this one now for friends with back problems – lots of people.

  14. Coach Melvin

    Tai Chi and Back Pain
    Laoshr Bruce,

    I’m sure many will benefit from your video. Your explanations are precise and very clear.

  15. Hercules

    tai chi for back pain
    Thank You Bruce!,
    I will practice these advices for back pain relieve.


  16. Ruth Hobeika

    tai chi’s impact on one-time back injuries
    Since practicing tai chi at Brookline Tai Chi beginning in 2000, I’ve grown two inches. Read “grown back”—from the spine compression remaining after five lower back disk injuries in the 1980’s had (I’d been told) healed. After awhile, the doctor started asking: “So, what are you doing? People your age are usually shrinking.” Thanks for giving us this toolbox!

  17. Ruth Hobeika

    tai chi’s impact on one-time disc injuries
    Since practicing tai chi at Brookline Tai Chi beginning in 2000, I’ve grown two inches. Read “grown back”—from the spine compression remaining after five lower back disk injuries in the 1980’s had (I’d been told) healed. After awhile, the doctor started asking: “So, what are you doing? People your age are usually shrinking.” Thanks for giving us this toolbox!

  18. leon

    lying flat on the ground.
    lying flat on the ground. leg straight raise one leg at a time do not let knee bend do not force. when you can bring your leg to a 90 degree angle one at a time it will help your lower back

  19. meljoveramos

    taichi for back
    Hi Bruce,
    I’ve been practicing 1 year already and thank you for confirming that taichi can help heal back pains. I have a upper and lower back pains problems and maybe because I am not aware about the facts that Taichi can heal back pains and the mechanics about taichi. One more thing How am I going to sink chi to my body. Show me the right way of breathing thru my lower dantian.

    Thanks again and for sure I am going to send this to my sister in law

  20. David Newman

    tai chi for back pain
    T’ai Chi, supplemented with acupuncture, is what helped me deal with great tension in my lower back. The acupuncture helped first, then practicing t’ai chi over the past 30 plus years has left me, at the age of 76, in good back health. The only thing I would preach, from looking back over those many years, is patience.

  21. Shirley Woods

    Tai Chi for back pain video
    Really enjoyed the video! The longer I do Tai Chi I find out more amazing ways it is good for so many things. It is the thing I enjoy teaching the most. I really enjoy all your insight! I did complete the Qigong course online a while back and have added it to my classes.
    Many thanks again!
    Shirley Woods

  22. Visitor

    Great video thanks very much
    Great video thanks very much for posting that:)

  23. Elaine Frey

    Back Pain Video
    Thank-you, Mr. Frantzis, for sharing these specifics on how best to
    use Tai Chi to benefit the back. My practice has, for a number of years,
    Involved a general intention of improving all aspects of life, as well as to teach others how to benefit from these methods. With the detail you have provided here, I can better address my back pain, as well as enrich both my practice and my ability to help others.
    With much appreciation of your dedication to your teaching.

  24. MARLYN


  25. Janet Taylor

    Tai Chi for Back Pain
    I suffer from severe osteoporosis. Unfortunately it was undetected until my back broke and most of my vertebra then collapsed in 2006. I started Tai Chi two years later and much to my pleasure and surprise I am so much better. I found your information on back pain so good. I had all ready discovered for my self that doing Tai Chi with a slight forward tilt help me enormously, so you confirming this is great. I do Wu Style Tai Chi by the way and it is now part of my everyday life.

  26. BobL

    back pain video

    I studied qigong with you many years ago in Berkeley.

    Thanks for this video and distinguishing spine alignment (vertical vs. tilted), opening spine with periphery, sinking spine through legs to earth, breathing and opening nerve roots. Through years of movement and meditation practice, I have little back pain.

    You bring light on questions to things that I don’t even know that have questions! Your teachings have greatly influenced my qigong practice and I figure will continue to do so. Thank you.

  27. Ahmed Dangor

    BACK pain/problems
    priceless information
    THANKS Sifu

  28. Anna M. P.

    Back Pain
    Thanks for your video on back pain. While the benefits of T’ai Chi practices are cited more and more in mainstream media, we seldom are exposed to the details of how and why we may receive these benefits. The instruction in your video gives a more in-depth understanding as to how to practice correctly, thereby making benefits more likely to become a reality. Wonderful job!

  29. Mark Barrett

    Thanks Bruce for this video. I watched it 3 times and I got my mum to watch it!

    I’ve had alot of pain in my upper, middle and lower spine for many years and Tai Chi has really helped to alleviate some of the pain. I’ve also found that meditation has really helped as well. I found it interesting what you said about relaxing different parts of the body such as your arms, legs and so forth, and this having an effect on the spine; I’ve discovered this in my practice too! I also found it interesting what you said about Dan Dien breathing; this is something I don’t do much and I’ve discovered it has an instantaneous effect on the body and mind.
    Someone said in the comments that there was too much info and too fast, but I thought it was just about right. (perfect, in fact).

    Thanks again for your teachings and your understanding. This is Bodhisattva work your doing.
    Thanks. With love – Mark

  30. Alison D

    Spot on
    Absolutely spot on. I am sharing this with friends and students. I agree, we might understand pain/injury theoretically or intellectually when we’re first learning forms or energy work, but sometimes it’s not until we actually experience the effects in our own bodies that we “get” it. This is part of what makes regular practice so new even after years! Thank you.

  31. Visitor

    Thank you and a request
    Hello Bruce,
    Thank you for the information. I am suffering from cervical spondlylitis (causing stiff neck and shoulder pain) and disc bulge in my lower back. Also i have started observing knee pain recently. I am in my early thirties.

    I am looking for some practice which can heal and strengthen me. I have no knowledge of Tai Chi and have not practiced it so far.

    Can Tai Chi help in curing these ailments completely? Could you please suggest me a style, that would help me with these issues. From the blog, Wu style seems to be appropriate for me. Would be immensely helpful, if you could provide me some directions, with regards to choosing a Tai Chi practice.

    Thank you!

  32. Alan jefferies

    Tai Chi for Back Pain
    Bruce Thank You for sharing your Knowledge

  33. CosmicCat

    Tai Chi for back pain
    Very good explanation. I have been practicing Tai Chi for several year and have no problem in agreeing. Thank you for charing.

  34. alchemistgeorge@yahoo.com

    Bend the Bow” in addition to? Tai Chi for back issues?
    Thanks for posting this video. I have modest lower back issues and am starting learning the Wu form from your beginner Tai Chi program and the supervision of one of your students, and will make sure to include lower dan tien breathing in my practices!

    I am curious as to what if any role ‘Bending the Bow’ spinal qigong could play in spinal healing?

    Thanks for your generous sharing of your learnings.


  35. Tara

    Thank you so much for these –
    Thank you so much for these – I’ve been doing this every morning for a week and I already feel so much better!

  36. Dave carry

    I have never tried Tai Chi
    I have never tried Tai Chi before but am excited to get started with practicing it after watching your video. I have tried many different types of exercise over the years to help me deal with the pain that I experience in my lower back, as well as taking several different types of medication, but so far nothing has had the effect that I want it to. Since watching your video, I feel more positive than I have in years and feel that this is going to be the thing that makes a real difference to me. I have talked to several friends who practice Tai Chi, and although they do not suffer with back pain themselves, they all talk about the difference that it has made to their overall well being. I am beginning to wonder why I never tried it earlier.

  37. Tse

    Thanks. I’m watching your
    Thanks. I’m watching your video as I’m lying on my bed. Just breathing using my belly has relieved some of the pain already. I’m sure I’ll be better when I start practicing the stances you shared.

  38. Amber J

    Tai Chi for back pain relief
    Thanks for sharing this video. Having suffered from severe back pain for almost a year now, I’ll definitely try this. Hopefully I’ll see some progress on my journey to getting pain free.

  39. Lisa

    Thanks Bruce. This brings
    Thanks Bruce. This brings together and confirms several concepts and practices.

  40. amolie

    Great Blog! thanks for
    Great Blog! thanks for posting.

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