Tai Chi for Beginner Program

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The following are two videos from the Tai Chi for Beginners Program.





  1. Bill Emmes

    Tai Chi for Beginners
    I have studied Ju-Jitsu for 30 years and have since changed to Tai Chi. My studies have been for approximately two years and enjoy the teachings and knowledge my instructor has been providing to me.

    I have read your book “Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body’ and have thoroughly enjoyed it as it was extremely informative. However, I like your videos as the in-depth explanation you provide gives me a much better understanding of what my Seifu teaches me and also so much more about the subtle movements I watch him make. Many of which may go unexplained as they are not the core of the lesson on hand.

    Having been an external student for so long and now seeing what the internal arts offer, I am elated over what I feel and accomplish. As much as I enjoy the Qigong and health benefits of Tai Chi, I still explore for the martial arts aspects and how powerful they are compared to what I thought I knew from Ju-Jitsu. I never truly understood how powerful I could be by incorporating my entire body as I do within Tai Chi.

    Bill Emmes

  2. K-man

    Tai chi for beginners videos
    Bruce , some very good info as I am a beginner. Thanks much,

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