What to Expect in the Year of the Metal Rabbit

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The Metal Rabbit in 2011

Happy Chinese New Year of the Metal Rabbit. Last year was the year of the Metal Tiger, and it was a very rough time for many. The Metal Tiger year is known to bring problems, wild swings and much excitement. This previous year also brought things to the surface personally and collectively so that you had to deal with them.

World events that have built up and come to fruition during the Metal Tiger year of 2010-2011, for example the current protests in Egypt and surrounding areas, will be influenced by the peace-loving and harmonious influence of the Metal Rabbit in 2011-2012.

The Rabbit together with the Metal element equals harmony. This year harmony will be pursued, and everything will be made very smooth and even. Some might find this year very boring, but sometimes that is the nature of harmony, it lacks excitement.

The wonderful Tai Chi Master William Chen of New York has been known to say that instead of getting excited, what you need to do is allow yourself to relax.

Guided by Creativity

Besides harmony, creativity will be the biggest single influence of this year.

Artists and spiritual people will find themselves greatly inspired, and creativity will simply move forward. This is a good time to trust the creativity coming out of you, whether you are trying to write a song, paint a picture or come up with grand organizational ideas for businesses.

This year the creativity inside you will be a true guide rather than play you false.

The areas of education and the environment will be emphasized and should definitely reach a level of high importance this year.

Interpersonal Peace

In your own personal life, this is a time to end wars between people. This is a good time to let go of any sort of interpersonal warfare or conflict.

It is useful to remember that deep harmony, strong harmony can develop into deep love. In the year of the Metal Tiger, many things occurred which could have ripped relationships apart, either relationships that could’ve happened, ones that were happening, or ones that were in a flux point.

During the year of the Metal Rabbit, if you seek to develop harmony with all those with whom you have had various kinds of relationships, a level of love can emerge. This ultimately leads to the relaxation of your being, which is one of the true gifts of living on this earth.

This is a year for making very good, long-term friendships and relationships, and not a time to be overly antagonistic or pushy.

The Courageous Rabbit

Rabbits generally avoid conflict. However, the Metal Rabbit has a particular quality of strength and courage and is known for being able to hold its ground.

This will be a good time to carry through and finish any projects you have started in the last year.

It’s very important to stay out of the murky waters of indecision during the Metal Rabbit year. It is better to simply decide one way or the other and then abide by it.

Very important for everyone during a Metal Rabbit year, and especially for anyone who is a Metal Rabbit, is to always keep your word. Once committed, you should make a point of honoring your promises. Avoid making a promise unless you have the necessary information and you know that you can pull it off.

The big problem all Rabbits have in this sort of year is a tendency to become semi-depressed. This happens as they take on large projects or simply work toward a greater harmony, but when things don’t go as planned this can result in a fatal loss of confidence.

In 2011 this may be the one time in the cycle of Rabbits where they can take on projects that seem larger than what they could usually handle. If they do fail for any reason, then its important for them to simply deflect or let go of the pain of the so-called failure.

Remember the key to this year is harmony, trusting yourself, keeping your word, moving forward and getting things done.

Have a great year,



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