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Sex is a primary force inside all human beings. If that force is not well-expressed in a smooth and balanced way, it can distort a lot of the physical, mental, and emotional processes within people.

When the natural flow of life – specifically in the form of sex – is allowed its expression, the resistance to healing all sorts of mental and physical issues in people melts away. I’ve witnessed this in my experience as a Taoist priest in China, studying Taoist Sexual Meditation. We could have less violence, we could have dramatically less corruption, thievery, and exploitation of each other, if human beings were getting along well in this way. This is why I have devoted the last several decades to writing my book, Taoist Sexual Meditation: Connecting Love, Energy and Spirit.

If you make someone sexually frustrated, if you make someone not able to express their sexuality, they’ll find ways to hurt themselves and avoid a lot of things. They will be reminded of their sexual frustration when things arise in other areas of life that are uncomfortable. I’m a Taoist and I don’t buy the basic Ten Commandments. Part of the social conditioning in the West is that you can’t have sex, but it’s perfectly fine to kill people. Wars are fine. Kill, murder, slaughter, it’s fine. Sex? No, you can’t have that.

With sexual frustration, you have the potential for someone who will be depressed or cause mischief in the world, even the potential for a psychopath. In the Western world, the idea of moving subtle energy, chi (qi), or prana, is such a non-traditional idea, and because it is a manifestation of Christianity, what is called “the Holy Spirit,” which is nothing more than energy or chi, that, because these things get muddled and confused, the term “sacred” starts getting used, but it also simply gets used because you got a statue, and you got a picture, and it’s supposed to have a religious object on it. So, would it then be sacred sexuality if you had a cross with Jesus on top of it and now you’re having sex to that? Well, would that now be sacred sexuality? I don’t know. It would all depend on what was going on beside the fact that you had a statue up in the air.

When you get to spiritual meditation as opposed to sexual qigong, if two practitioners do sexual qigong, they can double the amount of energy they could have by doing qigong on your own. You do qigong on your own? You do prana or something on your own, you do yoga on your own? Let’s just say you get a hundred units of energy. If you can do it sexually, you can have two hundred. Now the question becomes: what do you do with that energy?

Now, when it comes to the meditation, first you have the Fire and Water traditions of Taoism, and their sexual practices are not always the same. But, if we just take it from the point of true classic tantra, the point of true classic Taoism was to release everything and resolve and transcend everything inside a human being that stopped them from fully becoming awakened, waking up, becoming enlightened, whatever term you want to use. The purpose of all of the energy techniques was a means to that end. It was not the end.

Now, if all you’re doing with that energy is to make your body stronger to generate a lot more fun, sexual sensations, then you will get twice as many sensations as you would get normally. Or, you will get stronger. However, that’s not the spiritual part of it.

This is why I have devoted the last several years working on my book, Taoist Sexual Meditation: Connecting Love, Spirit and Energy. What I’m sharing in this book, especially what’s in the last few chapters, has never been released. Period. It hasn’t even been released publicly in China. It is my hope that people who use the book will be able to harness the energy generated during sex and use it to clear blockages in their physical, emotional and spiritual development.


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