Psychic Vampires

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‘Psychic Vampire’ is a term that is dis-affectionately used by many. If you are around a psychic vampire, they will suck your energy dry. When you leave the presence of a psychic vampire, you may feel weak and drained.

How does a psychic vampire work and how do they actually take your energy?

They do it many ways.

Some just sit almost in front of you and glare. Some of them just keep on churning, constantly going over and over the same things to make you agitated and incite you to spend your life force.

Sometimes you can see it with little children, that all they want to do is get all of the attention you have to give, to capture as much of your energy as they can, even if they can’t use it. You’ll commonly see this in just all sorts of people.

It’s an extremely common trait among passive aggressive people. One of the things about a Psychic Vampire is that in order for them to do what they do, you have to make a link with them. That means you have to be willing to engage them.

If a person is a very practiced Psychic Vampire it is especially difficult. Here are some ideas for psychic protection:

Psychic Protection 1 – Disengagement

The first thing is simply disengage, and don’t even deal with the person.

If they have been doing what they have been doing for 20, 30, 40, 50 years, if they are really, really, good at sucking your energy, better than you are at defending against it, then the best thing you could possibly do is just don’t engage.

Avoid them. Stay away from them.

Psychic Protection 2 – Pull Inside

If you have the sense to, the other thing you can do is to pull inside. How do you pull inside? The best way is if you can pull all of your energy into your central channel and also into your lower tantien.

When you’re with the person or group of people,  just keep your energy inside your central channel and lower tantien. Keep pulling it inside as you engage with them and don’t let it go outward.

Give the most non-committal answers you can. In no shape, manner, or form should you get angry or emotionally engaged with them.

Some of them will pull you emotionally. Some will just try and get you churning all sorts of useless mental stuff. When it happens, you can just feel as though something is being pulled from inside of you. Don’t let that happen.

One way of protecting yourself from this is if you can simply dissolve whatever they are saying. Also keep the boundary of your etheric field dissolving steadily while you’re talking to them. That blocks them from coming in.

The other side of it is if you can just make your mind incredibly still, then a Psychic Vampire can’t pull from you. They have nothing to grab onto.

Psychic Protection 3 – Non-attachment

The third thing is to stay in a state of non-attachment.  No matter how they’re trying to rile you or rouse you or get you going, don’t take the bait. If you start to react they can skim it off and take your energy.

So simply make light of anything they say and don’t engage with them.

As soon as you engage in any shape, manner, or any other form of an ego confrontation, they’ve got you, because that is what they do. That is their skill. That is how they pull it off.

Learn to sit there in stillness and peace without saying a word. This is an important skill by itself but when dealing with energy suckers this is even more useful.

Above and beyond that, if that doesn’t work, if you’re with someone who is dramatically stronger than you are and more practiced, my last recommendation is to find a way to remove yourself. Just walk away from them.

In closing, I hope I’ve given you a few ways to protect your own energy. Also check-in to ensure you are not sucking the energy of others, even if it is not your conscious intention, feeding off others is a bad habit. This is bad karma.

One of my motto’s is to go through life without creating new karma, this allows you to prevent harm and resolve your old debts as well.

Be Safe,


  1. FM & CFS/ME website owners

    Dear Bruce,

    We would like to comment, by sharing and also by asking you, two follow up questions:

    We have eagerly read your article about psychic vampires. Especially the part that says, that the more skilled they are (which makes them also less evident) the more “helpless” we are, if we fall into their trap.

    Being challenged with debilitating illnesses our selves (Fibromyalgia and/or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) we have established a website that provides useful and practical information, in all aspects of life, to the personally challenged, to their relatives and therapists. We are a couple who met because of the same illnesses and stayed together DESPITE their existence. Moreover, one of us has learned a lot from YOUR own website, books and video tapes, before we even met, and uses them on a daily basis, with the support of the other.

    This issue of avoiding energy suckers, when you have very little energy to start with, is very important to achieve successful recovery or improving one’s quality of life, at best. However, achieving this goal becomes more problematic and intensifies, when the people who are supposed to help you (and you DO need help dealing with a chronic and debilitating illness) are trained vampires themselves. Family members you cannot cut off or you have to share the same roof with, and care givers, who crosses the sacred boundaries giving the care without redundant and life sucking additions.

    True, getting rid of negative people is essential, but often, one cannot avoid welfare representatives, other help from the government when you lack financial and logistic ability to choose your own… who are not these much potential vampires. One has to break the cycle and get stronger, without losing so much energy along the way… and of course to check one’s self not to become a vampire themselves.

    What is your advice in these cases?

    Also, may you honor us, by giving us your permission to republish and/or translate this article (and your respective reply) in our own website?

    Thank you! From web-owners.

  2. Mark Fudge

    Had encounter with what I believe was a ‘psychic vampire’ on Sunday. He was very good at, this is a phenomenon I am familiar with as an acupuncturist, but his guy was good in a bad way. It was only after reading the above that i realised what might have happened. It was at a BBQ and i got ‘kidnapped by him for the best part of 6 hours. On reflection I can see how he stopped others joining our conversation, how he positioned his body to block others and focused on me. The guy is a trained hypnotist and therapist and I guess has a bag of tricks. Pretty much as soon as he left the BBQ i just completely washed out; especially physically. Even the next day was very tied and spaced out and had to Tuesday off work; its Wednesday and still not right. I am aware it might not just be him, I might be a bit stressed. I was wondering is there any advice on how to recover after an encounter with a ‘psychic vampire’?

  3. Derry

    Another strategy is to link yourself to Earth energy, then detatch their etheric suction hose (or energy zapper or whatever you think of it as) from your energy supply and connect it with the Earth’s energy source.
    Don’t worry about how to do this or whether you can. Practise linking yourself to Earth source and once you get real good at doing it, linking someone else into it is just as easy.

    Mama Earth she have plenty to go around!

    • richard shapiro

      I can second that.

      I cannot overstate the benefits to regular outdoor barefoot standing and practice.

      I teach an outside class, and we pretty much go barefoot.
      it’s a whole different experience than my inside class, so much more clearing and eneregizing.
      but the best is when we circle walk around “benny”, the big tree in our park.
      Mama earth has plenty to share
      so does the universe.

  4. James Fry

    Sensei, greetings from S.W.Florida.
    What does one do when they find themselves actually living with one of these soul-sucking creatures?
    Thank you for your time. Jim Fry

  5. William Chow

    Hi Bruce: Do you have a starting date on when you will be launching the Bagua Zhang Master Program? Monthly fees if any? Thank you. Looking forward to attending another Menlo Park retreat in 2010: I especially like doing the walking with the palms facing inward from lower tantien to heart-mind. I learned a lot from this mvt. while I was doing it. It made a huge impression on me.

  6. Jeff Donohue

    Hi Bruce; Great article, when I was younger it seemed my whole life was about getting the energy sucked out of me until I met my first Sensei who convinced me to breathe daily. It might not have been the best techinc for breathing exercises but after 2 years I was able to pretty much stop being the prey of energy Vampires, after 3 years I could pretty well protect myself and when completing 5 years I stopped. Daily Breathing made such a difference for me from those old days my life before and after could not be compared. There is always a never ending learning curve to breathing but this was the best thing for me to deal with Energy Vampires. Attending your class on Maui for Wu Style Tai Chi Short Form also has been a great treasure that added much to my learning and energy work. All the best, Jeff

  7. Gerhard Mueller

    That’s the most practical, down-to-earth advice I’ve ever got on this subject. Thank you.

  8. Sharon Doyle

    Thanks Bruce .. very useful information..will help alot !


  9. Ricardo Hercules

    Dear Bruce,
    Thank you Bruce, This is it.


  10. Priya Florence Shah

    Awesome tips, especially the ones to pull inside and and be detached. Keep them coming 🙂

  11. Indira

    Thanks Bruce, that was the answer to the question I was asking myself in the last couple of days. I did a presentation and found a rather friendly psychic vampire on my case. I will be better prepared next time!

    Wishing you peace and have a lovely time in Europe,
    Indira, Australia

  12. Bee

    Wicked! thankyou for the good practical advice.

  13. molly flight

    Thank you so much . this has explained something that happened to me recently . I was so drained after meeting this person that I could hardly walk. I felt my chi being sucked out of me a very strange experience. I sat in tranquil sitting amongst some trees and this helped . The person wanted to meet again but I said I was busy at the time I felt I was letting her down but inside I knew that It was impossible , Many Thanks Molly

  14. Christian

    Hi Bruce,

    Thank you Bruce this will be of really good help science I recently started high school and last year I had a lot of energy drained out. I always started the beatiful day with chi gung but as the school hours pass I feld weaker and weaker, then at the end of the day a had to do more chi gung to fill recharged and then move to practice martial arts, If I didn’t do chi gung I ended up in the sofa . But now I am prepared to defend against this vampires and be aware that I dont suck other person’s energy. Besides vampires are the fashion now.

    take care,

  15. Edie Luther

    I liked your article on psychic vampires. Sometimes my husband has done this to me.

  16. Lito

    Good afternoon Sir Bruce Frantzis, what do these psychic vampires gain in sucking your energy if that is their intention?

    • Stephen Jane

      they gain very little because they throw the energy away. it goes right through them and is lost…they are shaped like spiritual doughnuts, and all your love will go through the hole.

  17. Beate Vetter




  18. Jim Mitchell

    Hi. A very interesting piece on psychic vampires. I sometimes work with a colleague who is a master. I spent two months, working overseas with him and we spent around fourteen hours a day together. I was completely exhausted on our return and for many months after. I guess my only defence, if we work together again, is to dissolve and hope for the best.


    • Stephen Jane

      don’t work together again.

  19. Mary

    Great Article Bruce!

    I am still unclear about psychic vampires though, but since I am extremely tired and kind of always have been I assume I have been the victim. thankyou for making me aware of more explicitly what it is they are doing. A roommate I lived with years ago basically stole my entire life, she was depressed and on medication and I felt sorry for her and listened to her for hours and I ended up horribly depressed, ( I mean almost to a point of insanity) and she was doing better. I have been on medication ever since and I hate it. I don’t know if it is a case of vampirism. I now avoid this person, but she tried to contact me after four years silence at work but I refused contact. I suppose she needs another hit of energy!

    But I wonder if everyone isn’t basically a vampire and it’s just a matter of degree, since everyone wants attention, especially pets and children!

    Thanks anyway!

  20. Jane Launchbury

    Thanks Bruce, I think this will help a lot of people. I know it’s a very big subject, but perhaps you would consider giving a course on basic psychic protection from a Taoist perspective?

    One personal observation I’d add, having had to work with a significant number of ‘psychic vampires’ in situations where you simply can’t walk away, is that I have found it generally helps if you can develop a slipperiness to your own energy – tho I’m not sure I could describe quite how I do this and there have been a few situations in which this didn’t work completely.

    Advice and demonstrations you’ve given in the past about what really doesn’t work as psychic protection, and how some psychic protection techniques from other traditions can even make things worse, have been extremely helpful, so perhaps you could share further insights on the subject, I think it would be good material for your blog.

  21. Jones

    I wan’t to add warning that the internet is full of these. Especially some internet forums.

    Skilled psychic vampires also have a tendency to get you addicted to them energetically and emotionally. Watch out for any signs of addiction to people and internet forums.

    I think also that integrating oneself in to a holier (wholeness) person and healing any breaks, openings or cuts in your energybody from where chi is leaking or from where it is easy to “invade” you.

    Thx. Good topic

  22. Martijn

    If anything in the outside world troubles you. Your level of ‘Gongfu’ is not very high. Just see the whole world as looking at you instead of you looking at the world. In that way you do not loose Qi. If you don’t judge the things that are comming in, stay non-attached so to speak. Nothing in the Universe can harm you. If you are troubled by other people who are sucking your energy, you have put your power in their hands. Just don’t do that.

    Hao La,

  23. brenda blume

    Not accumulating any more karma sounds like a great idea. I have a question. Does that include good karma as well as bad karma? And if yes, how do we achieve that?

    • Tai Chi Master Bruce Frantzis

      Yes. You can read my Taoist meditation books, Relaxing into Your Being and the Great Stillness, to learn more about how the Taoist tradition deals with karma. I also have a chapter on karma in my Chi Revolution book.


    Hi Bruce.
    After reading your blog,i now realise i am “psychic vamire”.could you please tell me what is the best way to gain my own energy instead of sucking it
    dry from others,without knowing i’m doing it.
    fangs a lot.

    • Tai Chi Master Bruce Frantzis

      As I’ve written in many places, Dragon and Tiger Qigong is good for increasing energy levels. I cannot give more specific advise without working with you in person.

  25. Happiness?

    I too am a psy-vampire, I realized tonight, but also a student of (single form) t’ai chi. This draining needs to stop, and yet, this energy is what I feed from – what makes or breaks my day. What on earth do I do?! I am a compassionate and gentle person, yet all of these symptoms fit me to a T, nor do I wish to feel awful forever. Is there a specific form that may help? Please.

    • Tai Chi Master Bruce Frantzis

      Dragon and Tiger Qigong is good for increasing energy levels. However, I cannot comment on your specific case without meeting you in person.

  26. Nathaniel Duban

    Great advice Bruce,
    Your article had some very helpful input, but im at the moment dealing with a particular vampire who my friend and I would say be a ”DEMI GOD OF VAMPIRES”. Lets just say the practised vampires your talking about are at a skill level of an 10 that being very high. This kids a twenty!!!! Here is my first question, is this kid even human. Is it possible for an extremely intelligent and mentally controlled demon[not the christian view of demon] to take over a body

    • Tai Chi Master Bruce Frantzis

      I don’t know what you define as a demon nor can I comment on a person I have not met. What can I say is that people can take over other people’s minds, but it’s very, very diffcult to take over a body.

  27. Charlie Montross

    Hi Bruce et al,

    Can you clarify some points on the suggested technique, please?
    I have to deal with an energy vampire at work and don’t have much choice in dis – engaging. After the mess earlier this year in May and June, I had a very sore lower back. I am still having problems trying to rebuild my energy levels. But the mess is rebuilding back up in terms of dealing with the panic from the vampire to produce research data….
    “If you have the sense to, the other thing you can do is to pull inside. How do you pull inside? The best way is if you can pull all of your energy into your central channel and also into your lower tantien.”
    So in other words, circulate your energy in your governing and conception vessels? When I have practiced qigong, the energy expands and contracts as I breath.
    So now, do I have to just focus on it staying in place and not growing / contracting as I breath?
    Can I use something like “luo han patting” training where the patting can be used to both massage the meridians and close off the surface?
    Any practical examples would be useful.

  28. brenda blume

    Thank you for letting me know that it is good to avoid good karma also. I am thinking that karma is created when we use our egos trying to coerce the Tao to bend into actions or forms that serve our egos. Is that right? I do not have your Qi Revolution book but will buy it.

  29. brenda

    I am reading your book the Qi Revolution. I am learning a lot as always from your books. Thank you Bruce!


  30. Romie

    I would be interested in Bruce’s outlook on the modern “vampire” movement, especially the claims by self-professed psychic vampires that claim that by doing this they are more “spiritually evolved” and “awakened”.

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