Psychic Vampires

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‘Psychic Vampire’ is a term that is dis-affectionately used by many. If you are around a psychic vampire, they will suck your energy dry. When you leave the presence of a psychic vampire, you may feel weak and drained.

How does a psychic vampire work and how do they actually take your energy?

They do it many ways.

Some just sit almost in front of you and glare. Some of them just keep on churning, constantly going over and over the same things to make you agitated and incite you to spend your life force.

Sometimes you can see it with little children, that all they want to do is get all of the attention you have to give, to capture as much of your energy as they can, even if they can’t use it. You’ll commonly see this in just all sorts of people.

It’s an extremely common trait among passive aggressive people. One of the things about a Psychic Vampire is that in order for them to do what they do, you have to make a link with them. That means you have to be willing to engage them.

If a person is a very practiced Psychic Vampire it is especially difficult. Here are some ideas for psychic protection:

Psychic Protection 1 – Disengagement

The first thing is simply disengage, and don’t even deal with the person.

If they have been doing what they have been doing for 20, 30, 40, 50 years, if they are really, really, good at sucking your energy, better than you are at defending against it, then the best thing you could possibly do is just don’t engage.

Avoid them. Stay away from them.

Psychic Protection 2 – Pull Inside

If you have the sense to, the other thing you can do is to pull inside. How do you pull inside? The best way is if you can pull all of your energy into your central channel and also into your lower tantien.

When you’re with the person or group of people,  just keep your energy inside your central channel and lower tantien. Keep pulling it inside as you engage with them and don’t let it go outward.

Give the most non-committal answers you can. In no shape, manner, or form should you get angry or emotionally engaged with them.

Some of them will pull you emotionally. Some will just try and get you churning all sorts of useless mental stuff. When it happens, you can just feel as though something is being pulled from inside of you. Don’t let that happen.

One way of protecting yourself from this is if you can simply dissolve whatever they are saying. Also keep the boundary of your etheric field dissolving steadily while you’re talking to them. That blocks them from coming in.

The other side of it is if you can just make your mind incredibly still, then a Psychic Vampire can’t pull from you. They have nothing to grab onto.

Psychic Protection 3 – Non-attachment

The third thing is to stay in a state of non-attachment.  No matter how they’re trying to rile you or rouse you or get you going, don’t take the bait. If you start to react they can skim it off and take your energy.

So simply make light of anything they say and don’t engage with them.

As soon as you engage in any shape, manner, or any other form of an ego confrontation, they’ve got you, because that is what they do. That is their skill. That is how they pull it off.

Learn to sit there in stillness and peace without saying a word. This is an important skill by itself but when dealing with energy suckers this is even more useful.

Above and beyond that, if that doesn’t work, if you’re with someone who is dramatically stronger than you are and more practiced, my last recommendation is to find a way to remove yourself. Just walk away from them.

In closing, I hope I’ve given you a few ways to protect your own energy. Also check-in to ensure you are not sucking the energy of others, even if it is not your conscious intention, feeding off others is a bad habit. This is bad karma.

One of my motto’s is to go through life without creating new karma, this allows you to prevent harm and resolve your old debts as well.

Be Safe,

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